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Echoes - Remembering Justin's Passions

Yesterday I was taken back in time - a time when my life was so much simpler. I was a young housewife with two small children. It was a pleasant time in my life. My children were wide-eyed smiling bright lights of hope, and my husband was actively working his once stint of sobriety.  My greatest worry was planning the weekend's events- would we take the children to a movie; would we go for a short weekend trip; or would we just have a simple weekend at home?

Kyle, my youngest kept me on my toes- always needing some mind/body stimulation. Then there was Justin, who could get lost for hours staring at maps, photos of architecture or spending his time recreating buildings he knew with his blocks. He would be perfectly content sitting in silence, lost in his world of shapes and space. Those buildings he recreated always had to be to scale -he would build them on the table while sitting on his knees, looking up at them- every detail had to be right.

From day one of Justin entering my l…

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