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#WhenIBecameFree is when I stopped comparing myself to others

We sabotage ourselves when we compare our lives, our healing - ourselves, to others.

Remember that while many of us may have survived through trauma and we can bond over that fact, the road leading up to that pivotal time in our lives was uniquely our own, as is the path and interactions we have on our healing journey. Do not compare the rate you are healing with another person's journey - when you do, that is your lack of self-esteem trying to control you.

I truly believe the path to healing is a lifelong endeavor, and that is okay. If you can welcome and embrace that concept, you will make strides. Do not place expectations on what you think being healed from trauma means. I once did that and when I was unable to achieve what I assumed being healed meant, I tumbled down a rut that I had to claw my way out of, again.

Healing is knowing you are worth the effort to grow beyond your past.
Healing is an action, meaning you are taking care of yourself.
Healing means you are respectin…

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