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Seriously? Damn Luck Gremlins! You Just Can't Make This Up - Pt 3

On Monday I leave for a trip to Memphis. I am going to see my boys and also watch my youngest (Kyle Roberts) take the stage at the International Blue Challenge as the Memphis Blues Society's Youth Performer.

Yay, me! Right?

Yes - I am and have been so excited for this trip but I should have known better. Everything was falling into place a little too smoothly for my twisted luck. 

I have my train tickets -
My dogs are set to be taken care of -
I have some items on eBay actually getting nice bids - which will be my pocket money
I survived that bitter cold that we had since just about Christmas -
I was able to thaw out my pipes when they froze up without any issues...

And, that right there, that last item - the luck gremlins are right now laughing hysterically.  Those little bastards are biting me in the butt as I type.

Throughout the frozen pipe issue, I checked that dungeon of a basement, constantly. I hate going down there, but I did, numerous times - just to be sure there were …

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