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Living the dream....lifting each other up

This past summer I met a young woman who reminded me of my own dreams and once ambitions.
Her name is Rebecca, she prefers Becca.
She calls France her home.
She is a cinema student with a loving spirit.
A wisp of a young lady, with an innocent beauty- much like an olive-skinned Audrey Hepburn. She has no idea of the beauty she holds.

How I met her is rather a long story. Another one of those situations you would normally find in a movie, rather unbelievable.

My youngest son Kyle, is living in Memphis- pursuing a career as a blues musician.  He is making his way to being discovered - he is that talented, and yet he doesn't believe it. He moved in January of this year, with his older brother and best friend, from Wisconsin to Memphis. A first for all of them...leaving home.

It has been quite the adventure. One, many have commented to him and me about being risky. What people do not understand is if he didn't take this risk he would have been kicking himself in the rear-end the …

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