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If I make it through all of this...

I will breathe.

I will sleep..

And then, I will tackle some dreams.

Yes, when I make it through all of this, that is my plan.

But first, I need to get things done and it feels like a mountain to climb. To all of you with good health, appreciate it - do not take it for granted.

While I was never a "healthy" person there was a time I was non-stop movement - Super Woman. That time was not too long ago.  I was able to work, raise the boys, keep up with cleaning and cooking while also answering calls 6 days a week, helping the low-income and the homeless with crisis help. I was unstoppable.

When I look back to those days I am not sure how I did do it all. My boys supported all my efforts and were right there in the thick with me. We had days where I'd get a call and 20 minutes later we were loading up a family being evicted...sometimes in the middle of winter.  I can remember one time driving through the streets of my town during a snow storm with no room in the van to move …

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