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Letting Go - A new chapter - #whenIbecamefree

Well, it has been about three months now since I last sat down to write on my blog. A lot has happened in those months but surprisingly one of the most unexpected things to have happened is
that I've realized how far I have come on my path to healing. A realization that came probably during one of the most dreaded times in my life - my children moving away from home.

My last post was about that new chapter. At the time I wrote the post I was hesitant in what was about to be, but now I realize that what happened when they left, needed to be ..

Kyle, my youngest, is where he needs to be - in Memphis, TN. A new home for him that I believe has been calling his name since the day his old soul was born. As of February, he has been down there- 10 hours from me, making his own way in pursuing his passions,  playing his guitar. He doesn't just "play" he speaks using those strings on his instrument of choice. It is how he tells his life story - all the emotions he has kept dee…

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