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My mid-life breakthrough

Today I hope I find the energy to do everything I need to get done.  There is so much. Sometimes it is hell having autoimmune issues. And, while I am finally learning and understanding my body and its needs more than ever before, I am unable to make all the signs and symptoms disappear. That frustrates me.

Last summer I started noticing new symptoms, well not really new but now more consistent that ever before. I've always had issues with my stomach, I just put them all off as stress - a life of stress but it was getting to the point I was scared there was something else going on. I had a hard time keeping food in me, especially when my co-workers and I would grab a bite to eat.  I didn't know what was going on.  I'd eat and within 20 minutes I had to run, quite literally run, to a bathroom.

My allergies were out of control, I was constantly tired and just sick. My joints were constantly red and inflamed. I was walking around puffy but feeling malnourished. It was getting…

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