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What happened at the prison..

The connections we make as we travel through life have more meaning to who we become than, I think, we realize. I am not speaking of our friends and family - I mean those strangers who are not beholden to us because of life or daily ties. The random person who shares a granule of sand in our hourglass of life. It is the lady who smiles at you in the elevator and comments on your eyes. The substitute teacher who doesn't know the drama in your life when she/he mentions how impressive the paper you turned in was....  The customer who complimented you on a job well done. Those people.

They are the connections that plant the seeds of hope in your head without you ever realizing that one day in the future, during a dark period, they will grow and help provide you the strength you need to plow forward...and all because a part of you is aware you're worthy of better days.

That all came to me last week, exactly one week ago and while I was sitting in a chair facing almost two dozen me…

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