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For history's sake - Oma's memories

Current events have me remembering my sweet German Grandmother. I think back to the days of coming home from school and warming by the pilot light on the stovetop would be a potato pancake or some wurst, my after school snack.

Grandma Woywod was the definition of a Hausfrau - during her waking hours at home that apron of hers was secured around her waist and a feather duster always in her hands.

Sweet, soft features - she was a short round woman with a huge heart. It always amazed that she gave birth to my father and uncle, both large men - extremely tall and sturdy.

I loved helping my Oma. We'd sit at that enameled metal kitchen table of hers and roll out cookie dough, peel potatoes,  or snap beans. Then I looked forward to those moments, now I long for them.

It was during those times she would talk about the Motherland, the village she grew up in- Rosengart, East Prussia. Simple times although back after WWI her homeland was ravished with poverty. A poverty that killed from hun…

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