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Making time during life's marathon

It is like running at full speed up against 100mph winds -
You can feel the ache in the muscles, but you push on -
As hard and as fast as you can -
Teeth gritting, you know the finish line is somewhere - just keep pushing -
'Nothing has stopped you- and- there will be no situation that ever will'...your mantra as you inch forward.
One foot in front of the other...just a little more...
So, there you are, it was a long race but the finish line is in sight - you push one last time....
And before you know it, you have pushed yourself over a cliff, sending your body crashing to the ground.

The adrenaline rush is over. You no longer feel rigid and stiff. The wind is no longer pushing against your forward movements. You can breathe!

That is when you realize your joints have loosened from the impact of that crash,  loosened to the point you feel like a rag doll and now you must find the energy to lift them, get them moving again, like they should. Now you must summon up some of that ad…

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