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There is light at the end of the tunnel #WhenIBecameFree

I can remember curling up in a fetus position and be lying as close to the wall next to my bed as I could get. With my back up against that wall, the cold emanating from it was, in an odd way,  comforting. During my teens years I spent many of a day in my bedroom. Although, it was not by actual choice as I was usually there on bed rest after being released from the hospital or battling yet another infection or virus.  Yes, I was a sick child, but even so, I would venture to say if my bedroom isolation wasn't mandated by doctors, I more than likely would have made the choice to hide there from the world.

I often refer to my teen years as the Dark Ages. A place I never wish to return to and while there, wished I could just disappear. The pain and confusion in me were that deep. When I wasn't sleeping I would watch television, play with make-up, or get lost in flipping the pages of a magazine or book - anything not to think. The thinking was too painful - too many flashbacks to …

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