Keep your kids away from this present!!!!

So - we have a self proclaimed - lifetime child rapist/molester who had been in custody of the Wisconsin Department of Corrections let out by a Dane County Judge ( Sarah O'Brien ) because some idiot "expert" witness believes there's only a 20 percent chance he will re-offend? !?!?!


It wasn't the Judge!
Damn straight it wasn't that witness for the defense!

And now, this Westby guy who has been let out and "freed" will most likely be homeless this week.....

Merry Christmas Society!!!! The top tier of the Justice system just gave you one HELL of a present - not only do you have to hug and guard your babies closer....but if YOU, yes YOU society, do not provide this self proclaimed pedophile funds for shelter of some sorts....he'll be walking the streets...side by side with you and your kids!

Now, isn't that just special?!?!


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