What happened to the Curriers

It was just a couple of weeks ago a couple, Bill and Lorraine Currier from Essex Vermont disappeared. They disappeared without warning and have of yet turned up. It's almost as if they drove into a black hole and took all evidence with them

I am not sure why this story caught my attention to day as I wandered the net - but it did.

According to the various reports these things are known:

The couple was last seen by co-workers on Wednesday, June 8 at or around 5 pm

Bill Currier is 49 and Lorraine is 55.

Bill worked as an animal care tech at the University of Vermont and Lorraine worked for Fletcher Allen Health Care.

They are reported to be very reliable and responsible people...quiet

They were discovered missing on Thursday, June 9 after Lorriane didn't show up for work.

The next day their car was discovered abandoned just 1 mile from their home and in front of an apartment building.

It has been considered foul play as the medication they both take was still in their home.

Neighbors claim that the Curriers have always had friends and family visit - one neighbor said that on Sundays a small bus would pull up to their resident - they assumed it was from faith based group or church.

Missing from their home was the couple's handgun.

Lorraine had recently shared concerns with a friend that a man was frightening her - claiming she was starting to feel like she was being stalked -

Linda Pratt told WPTZ-TV "She never mentioned a name," Pratt said. "She just said, 'This guy, at this point I'm scared to death of him, it's like he's stalking me.'"
Essex Vermont Police - Sketch

There is a sketch of a man believed to have been seen driving their car during the time they would have been missing and before it was found.

Investigators are pouring over documents and other materials recovered from the home, however are not releasing any details 

That fact is irritating some following this story as they want to see those search warrants  and a Vermont Superior Judge ruled today that those records would temporarily remain sealed.

Curious to say the least. I can understand the press wanting to see those warrants - we're over two weeks out now from the day they disappeared and no movement, at least not visibly, in the case - the media is responding to the outcry of the public, and probably also has people calling in with rumors on what happened....rumors that may have some bite to them, but they cannot report that (at least not ethically) until they have something to back it all up -

Now if you're like me then your attention is focused on that fear of Lorraine's that someone was stalking her - the question is why? who? and how did it all start?

Different scenarios play out in my head on why this couple is missing - I hate pointing at one of them without any back- up but obviously that's the first thing to be looked at.... then did they have financial issues could they be running from something? .....or was she being stalked?

It's a mystery I am sure their family and friends are losing sleep over and have cried too many tears to count.

If you have any information on this case you can contact the police in Essex Vermont - 802-878-8331. Family members are offering a $10,000 reward -

And if you're a fellow blogger - can you pass this story on. It's really sad that news of this is not reaching father and to a wider audience. We tend to concentrate on the heart strings of stories of children missing and young wives (which of course are important) but stories like this one tend to "go away" after a while


Sue said…
Don't have a good feeling about this. Their bank accounts have not been touched at all. I wish their families well.
Nancy said…
I just listened to a Coast to Coast broadcast about what the police think is a serial killer operating off of Interstate 80 in the middle of Nevada. Same thing - people disappear without a trace, and their cars turn up in the same vicinity. Thanks for sharing - I hope this turns out okay.
I just watched that also and it is kind of scary.
Anonymous said…
There has been zero news on this, and I can't help feel that they are in witness protection. Nothing else makes any sense why there is no media coverage, any statements from either Fletcher Allen or UVM, no outcries from the familes, nothing... zilch. If they are not in witness protection, this mean there is a killer on the loose, and this thought is scarey if someone is getting away with murder.

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