Courage of survivors....child sexual assault

This afternoon I witnessed courage of survivors - in yet another tale where the last person people would suspect....a neighbor...a authority figure...was being charged with molesting young men...boys. Now the justice process is ongoing so the accused, in the eyes of the law, is innocent - but, as I sat in that court room I was inspired to see these young men get on the stand and take back the power and control they spoke about being ripped away.

For more on this story and how it here ---

Two Juneau County Men Arrested On Child Sex Crime Charges

State Agents, Juneau County Deputies Lead Joint Investigation

Here is a video on the case that quite frankly is causing a lot of pain for our community:

That story was when the charges were was a preliminary hearing and the judge decided that after hearing the testimony of the young men, there was probable cause in the case, and the Coughlins would need to face the charges.....

As a female I know how hard it is to openly admit to having been sexually assaulted in my a child...and as an adult. But more often than not people sympathize even if they are uncomfortable with the subject matter - I can only imagine the courage needed when the survivor is a male sitting in a court room with their community watching as they give details of the sexual abuse they claim happened to them as a child.

Sorry to say that when a survivor does take their story through the justice system there is a natural re victimization that occurs...and I believe that is even more so when it's a male accusing another male.

The testimony was hard to listen to - the details of the abuse they claimed was a part of their daily lives was numbing.

By the time I got home I was emotionally drained - there's no way not to be after listening to something like that - absorbing what has taken place lately. I can just imagine how the alleged victims felt when they got home.

Sometimes I feel like all of this is surreal....I ask myself how I ended up here - reporting on...volunteering to help others who have been sexually assaulted.  Believe me there are more days than not when I say I wish I could just shut my eyes to all of this, but I can't as these are stories that need to be told. I grew up in a society that didn't talk about these things - I grew up holding on to shame that was never mine to hold on to - I started this blog to confront the rumors that my children and I had to face after my ex husband did what he did to us.

My advice to anyone who is a survivor - take back your power...your control. Don't let anyone else tell your story - And to those who do not know the trauma involved when you've been sexually assaulted...or think it is not prevalent in your community - the next time you're in a room of people...remember these stats:


Who are the Victims?


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