Remembering Nevaeh

It was three years ago today a little girl from Monroe,  Michigan  flashed across news screens as missing. A beautiful little girl who would be discovered to have met a tragic end to her little innocent life. Her name, Nevaeh Buchanan.

Since the day the story hit the news I have not been able to get this little girl out of my mind's eye. So much so her memory has compelled me to write on this blog once again and after a five month hiatus from blogging.

I'm not sure why I became so drawn to little Nevaeh but there was something in her pictures...her eyes so innocent...that drew me to her story. I can remember being outraged when just days after she came up missing her story dropped off the news.

I would search the net for updates all the while hoping I would run across an article saying she was found alive. I never found that article, but what I did find was a network of fellow survivors of childhood sexual assault also searching for that update and article....also writing in their blogs about this little girl...and also wondering aloud when we would hear anything new on the story.

That network communicated among ourselves, we shared any links to updates that we could find. We shared our hopes for her safe return and our fears that we would never see that news.

Perhaps we found each other and communicated so easily because all of us felt deep within us her cries - they were our cries.  Anyone who has lived through child sexual assault knows that the moment it happens the little girl in you becomes lost...forever searching to be found.

Nevaeh was found ...she was found 11 days after she came up missing and tragically we learned that beautiful little girl died a violent death - her life was extinguished after being buried alive, face down, and a concrete mix thrown on top of her little body.

I can remember crying like a baby when I read the news that sand was found in her lungs a clue into her being alive as she was buried.

So here we are three years later and still no arrest - still no answers as to who killed Nevaeh -

If she was alive today she would be just 8 years old.

The Monroe Sheriff's Department claim they are close to an arrest......................

It's time....close is not good enough -

Because every day there is not closure in this case is another day another innocent child is put in harms way -
And that is more than tragic -

Rest in peace, Nevaeh - your memory lives on the hearts of many...many who did not know you in life, but honor you in your passing............


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