Child Sexual Assault - Why I Cringe

We read the headlines in the paper  - some of us turn our eyes away while others of us read every word.

Child Sexual Assault -

It is a crime that for many is unimaginable. Our most innocent having their light ripped from them. And, while the crime itself makes me cringe - it's the legacy that will be left from it's evil grip that makes me sick -

That legacy can be seen woven into the fabric of every community, regardless on who the victim is - or who the guilty are.

Child Sexual Assault touches all of us.

The destruction it causes can be seen in our classrooms from the child acting out - or that quiet one sitting in the background and slipping through the cracks in the system.

Untreated victims will do anything to keep the psychological scar of child sexual assault from hurting - some turn to alcohol - some turn to drugs - some cut themselves - others devour everything in sight - and then some punish themselves by not eating anything, a slow suicide.

Without treatment and understanding they will most likely grow up and have dysfunctional relationships - allow abuse of every kind to enter their lives and without a fight because they don't love and respect themselves enough to desire better - demand a better life.

They will trust everyone except their own reflection - or - they will trust no one.

It will be a legacy passed on and down to others unless the horror is faced for what it is and treated with the loving care it needs.

Justice does not only occur when the guilty are held accountable - Justice happens when that victim is supported by all around them in becoming a strong survivor.

So, when you read those headlines and cringe - don't think about the act of child sexual assault but rather realize the legacy it will leave for that victim and the world around them - your community...and then understand those statistics that one in four girls and one in six boys are said to have the evil of child sexual assault enter their childhoods.

Realize that when you judge that alcoholic - drug addict - juvenile delinquent -

Understand that when that neighbor woman keeps going back to the husband who beats the life out of her -

People living with this scar are dealing with a bankruptcy like no other - especially if they have never faced their pain or a community shuns them.

Remember that as you read those stories - look around your community and ask yourself "Don't we all deserve better?"

It's time for every community to face child sexual assault for what it is and what it does beyond the crime of the act -

Pay it forward - love your neighbor - support your community and demand a future of justice for all  - Bring healing to the open wounds - resources and understanding, not whispers of judgement.

Open your minds and hearts to all the cries....................


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