Too soon..

They grow up too soon. Today we are celebrating my baby boy, Kyle, turning 15 years old. He is far from that baby who once had to be snuggled up with me at all times. I look at this picture of him with this llama and am in awe at how fast time flies.

The picture was taken in what seems to be just in a blink of an eye ago but when I count the years it was 6 of those 6 years he has grown from a sweet nine year old child to a teenager larger than most men I know.

Knowing Kyle is an experience all it's own. I may sound like I am sitting here with nothing but the sentiment of a mother watching her growing wings, however in all actuality there's a part of me wondering just what the next three years will bring - you see - Kyle - is far from average or predictable.

For years now I've questioned just how I would make it through his childhood - and not because he is a troublemaker but rather because his mind goes and grows at such a rapid pace it leaves all around him in whirl of confusion once he grabs hold of an idea and runs with it.

He is driven - intelligent - obstinate - creative - caring - compassionate -bossy -stubborn - but, most of all  loving of people and world around him.

Fear is not in his vocabulary. Risks are learning adventures that challenge his need to know and be all. He is the spitting image of me, and I am of my father. No doubt that the Woywod blood runs through his blood veins. Sturdy German stock in not only our physical presence, but also our mental determinations. We march to the beat of our own drums and could careless who, if anyone, marches with us.

The day he was born I knew the world was receiving a blast of energy and creativity - it was in his eyes, the eyes of an old soul eager to come back to learn what he may have missed out on the first time. There would be no stopping him - and as of today, there hasn't been anything that has gotten in his way.

I am an extremely blessed mother -I have two sons, Justin and Kyle, Ying and Yang - they center me as they balance one another out. Kyle driven and passionate and Justin calm and cautious.

Today Kyle is 15 and in August Justin turns 20 -

Yep...too soon....................


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