Social Networking Across America - an experience of life

Well, a family from Indiana beat me to it!

Just a couple of weeks ago the Slusher family boarded a camper to head out on an adventure - they're heading west from Indiana with a goal of making it to the State of Washington.

It was just a few months ago I sat down with my youngest son, Kyle, and we dreamed up an adventure of our own, one like the Slusher family are now in the midst of.

Like the Slushers we wanted to board a camper, travel this summer across the country, making stops along the way to participate in and share with all we could, the stories along the way - stories of real life - the nitty gritty tales of people working hard to overcome obstacles and the communities  
out there banding together to help one another coast over those barriers.

This past week I met this family living out one of my dreams - they're in Mauston, WI. and helping local charities and/or individuals and families by volunteering their time, taking in the world they're visiting and sharing it with all who care to listen.

Luckily, Circle of Hope is one of those organizations benefiting from their social experiment. This past week they helped us get our center back to the state it once was by organizing and sorting through the many donated items our Grateful Hearts program receives.  They also assisted at a rummage sale we were having.

The Grateful Hearts program is one where we give away freely items of need such as clothing, housewares, toiletries and other items of dignity.

It is a program that supports Lend a Hand - the effort that spearheaded the Circle of Hope coming together - Lend a Hand is my baby -my heart and my passion! We provide crisis funds and shelter to families experiencing a housing emergency and we do for as long as we can up to them getting a roof of their own once again.

Kathy Green from the Mauston Area Community Sharing Pantry
provided the Slusher family with food for their trip
It was touching for me to share Circle of Hope and the stories behind them with the Slusher family.  Back when Lend a Hand was just a thought never in my wildest dreams did I imagine we would be where we are at today - We've come a long way since 2009  - Those of you who have read my blog since then know how it all started.  To know that the organization has helped local families and now will forever be a life experience for a family like the Slushers who will carry forward our existence, and the work we do - well, it helps life to make sense - that feeling of everything happens for a reason!

As for the Slushers - they need help and exposure in carrying out their adventure. Right this moment they are on their way to Minnesota - Bloomington, MN.  They need to hear from the public stories of need and the media along the way should be contacted by all who can to help promote their message!

Visit their website at:
Find them on Facebook at: Across America

I had a chance to sign their camper - this is the message I wanted to spread: End THE STIGMAS!
Poverty doesn't mean lazy - Homeless doesn't mean hopeless - A Hand Up is not a hand out and we have more in common than we have different!


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