Keeping them silent - the Duggars

The one question I have for Ma & Pa Duggar is...
"What threat did you issue to your children to keep them silent?"

All I can assume is it must have put the fear of God into them. How else could you control such a large clan with them surrounded by outsiders with cameras on a daily basis?

And so the child abuse (mental abuse) continued.

Reports now are saying that an Arkansas judge has ordered the decade plus police reports into Josh Duggar self admitted predatory crimes, expunged. And why? Because a victim, who is STILL a minor, made the request.

Let us do some math -
The crimes happened in 2002 and 2003 (according to reports)
It is now 2015...12 to 13 years later...
Meaning that the still minor victim was under the age of 6 when  then 14 or 15 year old Josh couldn't help himself and just had to fondle her genitals.

For those of you supporting Josh and exclaiming the injustice that this is now public....please try to picture what happened.  We're talking about a kindergarten aged or younger child being molested by a high school kid who just happened to be her brother.

The injustice is that justice was actively delayed past statue of limitations.

He repented and that should be enough, some of you say.

You do realize that we have prisons filled repeat offenders who repent on a daily basis ...murderers, rapists, arsonists, and thieves.

Would you idolize them after the exclaimed they have repented?

Oh, and I have one more question for Ma Duggar -
You once spoke about a story your husband told the children - According to the New York Times it went like this:

“Imagine that your parents are going to surprise you and give you a brand-new bike for Christmas. Two weeks before Christmas, they buy your bike and hide it in the storage shed in the backyard. But then the boy next door sneaks into the shed and borrows your new bike; he stunt-rides it up and down the back alley.

“On Christmas morning your parents lead you out to the shed to reveal the special gift they bought for you, and as they open the door and say, ‘Surprise!’ they’re just as surprised as you are. You’re all shocked to see that the bike looks like it’s been thrown off a cliff. The front fender is missing, and the front tire is warped so it rubs on the frame. It’s dirty, the paint is all scratched and chipped, and the seat has a big rip in it. It looks worse than something you would have bought at a garage sale.

“I’m sure you would still be grateful for the bike, and you would have fun riding it, but it won’t be in the condition your parents had hoped and dreamed it would be when you received it. You would miss out on a lot of the enjoyment they meant for you to have.

“In that same way, we don’t want any boy (or girl) to come and steal your purity.”

As a mother who knew her daughters had already been touched by their own brother - didn't your stomach churn and heart cry knowing that you stood by as your husband dumped a truck load of salt into their wounds of being a victim of child sexual assault?


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