Lend A Hand!

My New Cause!!

Lend A Hand!
Mission Statement-

Lend a Hand's mission is to assist and strengthen the Juneau County Community by addressing the needs of limited income individuals and families, aiding them to become self-sufficient, and creating public awareness and education while serving as a resource to those touched by unexpected emergencies as they cope with housing uncertainty.

Your tax deductible donation can be sent to:

Lend A Hand
203 Milwaukee St.
Mauston, WI. 53948

In one week's time we went from a group of people coming together over an issue that touches our community; homelessness - to - a budding organization with a name that say's it all - Lend A Hand. It was at tonight's (10/08/09) steering committee meeting the name was chosen and a mission statement was agreed upon. Additionally, it was agreed that the Juneau County Peace Committee will act as our fiscal sponsor which allow us to take in those tax deductible donations and move forward in meeting our fellow neighbor's needs in Juneau County this winter season and beyond.

Donations have already started to roll in, $250.00, to be exact....and needless to say it's a good start in filling that bucket that will one day, hopefully, provide shelter to all in Juneau County who need it.

The steering committee will meet again on October 15th at the Fountain Chateau in Hustler. Our goal for the next meeting will be strategic planning....and walking out with a plan and criteria so that the funds we raise can go to immediate and good use as soon as possible - We aim to be that extra blanket of warmth so that no person, no child, wakes up in the shivering cold outside.

Help us in spreading the word - we're all in this together, and Lend A Hand!

For more information you can contact Eva Marie Woywod at learning2bfree@aol.com.


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