Where has it gone?

Have you noticed the decline? How more and more people are acting like they are entitled to whatever they want? That they don't have to treat another human being with common respect?

I guess I am losing patience with people. That attitude some have that they are entitled to demand upon others or treat others like crap, for whatever the reason- be it their title, their status, their religion, their political affiliation....the behavior is rampant.

Politicians and candidates who have no problem demanding your financial support without saying what in the hell they are going to do to honor it. Or the ones that think just because they popped on the scene and declared themselves a members of the same party you need now to show your undying support?!?!?! I'm really getting to the point where I've just about had it with organized political parties - I can be a liberal even if I don't pay my dues.

And the there are the some people of faith who believe so devoutly that they need to shove it down everyone else's throats, and when we don't swallow and convert to their ways...judgement of character are laid upon us...uh, isn't that why the Middle East has been in wars since the dawn of time..or at least since we've kept track on a calendar?

And then there are the people in day to day life...you know what I am talking about. For the most I will smile, say "Hi" to the stranger on the street...hold doors open for those behind me....all the things I was brought up to do, but I also admit that I have little to no tolerance for those who for no apparent reason are rude, inconsiderate and act like freaking Prima Donnas.

Maybe that is something I have to work on, but that "entitled" type behavior so rubs me the wrong way and as soon as that happens....well ...let's just say ..."Let the games begin!"

Except tonight I noticed something and it was while I was telling off one of those Prima Donnas...there are a select few that I have allowed to cross that boundary - men in my life. For some reason I've allowed them extra room to make those errors all while I am sitting there getting hurt in the process.

I know I don't do it as much as I once did, but I do still allow it to happen when it shouldn't...this I do know. It's hell having to learn and set your boundaries as an adult when you weren't taught how to as a child. Back then I was taught that whatever you do, don't upset the male in the house - doesn't matter what they were doing...just don't upset them.

Over the years I knew that was not exactly the most healthy behavior, and I have learned to set boundaries - but I guess old habits die hard.

Awareness is key I suppose. I am aware, first step. I don't allow others to cross the boundaries...second step...third step is keeping true to me and making sure that those I love also do not cross those boundaries. I have a feeling that will be one of the hardest lessons to learn - might be a life long process, but at least it is a process....

In the mean time...Prima Donnas beware...............


rox said…
This bothers my dh so much too . He can't stand the new human rights museum they are building here because it will not include certain groups such as the Pa;estinian etc. but also the whole issue of human rights has changed from we need to respect each other to I am deserving of respect.
When we care for another , have emapthy , cpmapssion , acceptance of who someone is that is true respect and then we in turn will hopefully receive respect but not to have have the expectation that I amdeserving of because of course each and every person is deserving
human rights in North america seems to be more about self serving getting what I want and feel I deserve kind of thing .
great post ! Thanks

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