Daniel A. Woolverton - A Rapist you will and SHOULD not forget

Daniel A. Woolverton

The picture above is of a West Point graduate (Class of 1997) who went on to have a military career that most men at one time were little boys dreaming about as they played with their G.I. Joe's and Army Men. A sweet face, I am sure as a mother, his own mother worried about his safety every waking moment while he was enlisted.  

This is him - that same once good looking - waiting to to take on the world, young man. Life has taken a toll, that is obvious - at first glance you might think that the horrors his eyes seen as a former JAG officer eventually led him down the path of self medication and drug abuse. His soul appears to be lost behind those eyes - Truth is, after reading and taking what I have learned since receiving an email today to his story- He never had a soul - at least one with a conscience to begin with. 

The headline in the email asking to me to consider telling this story on this blog read:

NEWS:  Disbarred US Army Lawyer Pleads Guilty to Forcible Sodomy with Infant - Sentenced to 37 Years in Prison

and then came the gory details in the article emailed to me, an article that appeared which was credited to and reported to have been authored by Dirk Fischer - NATO News - Brussels, Belgium, Naples, Italy, Frankfurt, Germany...

To say I wanted to VOMIT is an understatement - 

First three paragraphs:

Arlington, VA - A US Army lawyer and 1997 West Point graduate has pleaded guilty in Virginia court on December 16, 2010 to forcible sodomy with an infant.  Daniel A. Woolverton, 35, of Arlington, VA, and originally Lakeland, FL, had a second charge of raping the infant dropped in court.  His prison sentence of 37 years will be served concurrently with federal charges earlier this year where he also pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 27 years for sexually assaulting a several month-old infant boy which he videotaped.

Woolverton, who both made and distributed child pornography, was observed by an undercover FBI agent of using peer-to-peer file sharing software in May and July of 2009.  Using an alias screen name, Woolverton subsequently shared child pornography images and videos with the agent.  The user profile was linked to a computer at Woolverton’s home address.  An FBI executed search warrant allowed agents to seize a camera, computers, and several memory storage devices which contained more than 30,000 images of child pornography and more than 1,000 videos.  Woolverton was also married to another US Army lawyer and had two small children.  His spouse, Major Deborah Woolverton, purportedly disavows all knowledge of these events or her husband’s trove of pornography which was mostly victimized infants and toddlers.

One memory card contained 16 images and three videos of an adult male engaging in sexually explicit conduct with an infant who appeared to be two to three months old.  A wristwatch on the adult male and items in the photo linked Woolverton as the adult in the photo.


Is the person who emailed me correct? I am not one to give into a conspiracy theory, but after doing some digging on my own, I have to admit I am wondering if they are right when they say, " You may find this appropriate for your website given that the Pentagon has done everything in its power to cover this up.  Kindly pass on wherever you think it might be appropriate."

The article sent to me in the email continues to relay some more disturbing things which has been reported on by the Salem News site as well as other sites even before I received the email - all of which pointed to alleged corruption of the  men highlighted near the end of the article in the Salem News (and others) (link below) 


Now since originally posting this story I have received additional emails from other sources -it appears that there are some games being played by people on both sides of the issue (see above link), and rather than pointing out how I know this- I will let readers do their own research because quite frankly the only scum bag I am worried about telling you about is Woolverton - the others can eat other alive for all I am concerned - I have bigger fish to fry - Got that? In my personal opinion the big babies are their own victims and taking focus off of the real victims - grow up! If not.....I think I may need to dig deeper into this as ,,,whoa, it kinda makes a person wonder what truly is going on..........

BUT  readers if you want to read about the alleged corruption that was compared alongside to the Woolverton case then I suggest again you take a look at the following link 


Back to the Woolverton case ...
Now, usually, I would be sharing my feelings and opinions on a story like this, but I cannot even gather my thoughts other` than to say - HE RAPED A BABY - A LITTLE BABY AND DOCUMENTED IT FOR HIS PLEASURE AND OTHERS  - A BABY - An innocent being, where the hell is the outcry? Why isn't this all over the news? Why??????????? We're talking one sick fugging BASTARD - 

I read the email this morning and before a very busy afternoon - an afternoon where this was in the back of my mind the entire time---- A BABY - AN INNOCENT CHILD WHO WAS JUST AT THE AGE OF GRABBING FINGERS AND COOING!!! 

I don't care who he was,...the service he gave - IT WAS A FUGGING CHARADE - I wonder if he was ever celebrated at some school function - patted on the back for being a hero - Was he the type who no matter what and where he was he wore that military service as a badge of honor where no matter what he was untouchable (I've know a couple like that) 



I may be a bleeding heart, but situations like this, I bleed for the child - the living and breathing child who never had a chance. 

For Immediate Release
October 14, 2009 
United States Attorney's Office 

Eastern District of Virginia
Contact: (703) 299-3700

Arlington Man Arrested on Child Pornography Production Charges

ALEXANDRIA, VA—Daniel A. Woolverton, 34, of Arlington, Va., was arrested today on child pornography production and distribution charges.

Neil H. MacBride, United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia; Joseph Persichini Jr., Assistant Director in Charge of the FBI Washington Field Office; and M. Douglas Scott, Arlington Chief of Police, made the announcement after Woolverton’s initial appearance before United States Magistrate Judge Thomas Rawles Jones Jr. Woolverton’s next court appearance is scheduled for Oct. 16, 2009, at 2:30 before Judge Jones.

According to court documents and court proceedings today, an undercover FBI agent observed an individual sharing child pornography using peer-to-peer software in May and July of 2009. The user profile for the individual was linked to a computer at Woolverton’s home address in Arlington. Today, FBI executed a search warrant at Woolverton’s residence and seized a memory card that contains an image of an adult male engaging in sexually explicit conduct with an infant who appeared to be under one year of age. The infant has been identified by the FBI. A wristwatch visible on the adult male and items in the photo appear to link Woolverton as the adult in the photo.

Individuals who may have additional leads regarding this matter should contact the FBI at 202 278-2000.
The investigation was conducted by the FBI’s Washington Field Office and Arlington Police Department.  Assistant United States Attorney Gerald Smagala and Special Assistant United States Attorney Jeff Zeeman are prosecuting the case on behalf of the United States.

Criminal complaints are only charges and not evidence of guilt.  A defendant is presumed to be innocent until and unless proven guilty.

A copy of this press release may be found on the website of the United States Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of Virginia at http://www.usdoj.gov/usao/vae.  Related court documents and information may be found on the website of the District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia at http://www.vaed.uscourts.gov or on http://pacer.uspci.uscourts.gov.


Nancy said…
This story literally made me sick to my stomach. This man is going to have to pay for his crimes. And so will his little children, unfortunately.
It's beyond sad... this is focused on these dudes but you have to think of the whole network of people out there (likely in the 100s of thousands) who are contributing material on the internet. I can't stop thinking about the kids and the parents who sell them out. It kept me awake at night for so long I finaly wrote a book about it (Anyone's Child). It was the only way I knew how to be proactive instead of angry. Like many things people need to stop sticking thier heads in the sand and pretending that internet child pornography (generally) isn't happening. Guys like this are ALL OVER THE PLACE. Reference the big, recent, child pornography ring bust that included people from all over including the US. The old notion that this "doesn't happen in my backyard," has got to go away. This isn't a 3rd world country problem. This is happening right here.
I hope the bastard becomes the prison b*#ch for the biggest, meanest, most well endowed prison bullies...over and over and over again. Live long and suffer you S.O.B!

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