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It is absolutely amazing to me the stories I have heard and bills I have personally witnessed since starting down this road just three weeks ago. A road that I had no clue what was happening out there because, as I have said before, I am not a propane consumer. I am however, like many in our society, one who lives paycheck to paycheck and understands the value of every penny earned, and every penny which needs to be spent just to live and survive in hopes to make it out of the darkness of a weak economy and shrinking finances.

I have concentrated my efforts on one corporation, Inergy LP (a.k.a  MANY OTHER NAMES) mainly because they are right here, in my community, a company known by locals at Tru Gas.  Rather than  recalling everything I have written here on my personal blog, or as a reporter for The Messenger of Juneau County in the articles I have written - I suggest if you want the back story to this post you look at the last three posts to this blog.

This post is dedicated to you, all of you who think as a consumer you have no voice, no rights. I have been contacted by many of you, here in my backyard, as well as throughout the country. Enough to say and see, there is a common bond among all of you and what you are experiencing with your propane company - having said that, rather than like so many who have contacted me have expressed that they feel nothing can be done....I want you to know I will continue to go after the answers you seek on why you are being charged far above the competitive rate for LP in your community - or as many of you have expressed, being "gouged"

For my research and to move forward in this ever evolving story, I need you to forward your story to me like others have done, and along with those stories, scan those bills....  or...take a picture of them and email them to

If you are more comfortable doing so if you redact your personal information on them, that's fine too. I will follow up with each and every one I get, and together we can get to the truth of this story. Facts are facts...opinions are many...but the truth needs to unfold and be told.

If you are a consumer of one of the below listed companies and have a complaint that has gone unheard or has not been addressed in a manner you feel is appropriate then let me help you get to some answers.

Also, if you are a low income household that has received energy assistance to meet your propane heating needs, and are being charged (see average residential rates below)  well over and above for propane, tell me your story :

Your personal information WILL NOT be disclosed unless I have your permission to do so.

Consumers of the following companies I am at this time interested in hearing from:

Alabama - Columbus Butane, Country Gas, Dowdle Gas Company

Arkansas- Independent Propane

Arizona-Legacy Propane

California- West Coast NGL Operation

Colorado- Navajo Butane, Rocky Mountain Propane

Connecticut- Arrow Gas, Modern Gas, Propane Gas Service

Delaware- MGS Propane

Florida- Bay Cities Gas, Delta Gas Company,  Dowdle Gas Company,  Homestead Gas
Kissimmee St Cloud Gas Company, Live Oak Gas, Southeast Propane , Tru-Gas

Georgia- A Better Gas Company, Dowdle Gas Company, Pembroke Propane, Pro Gas Dublin

Illinois - Country Gas, Saam Propane, Suburban Gas Service

Indiana- Arrow Gas, Blue Flame, East Side Hoosier , Hoosier Propane, Hoosier/Blue Flame,
Silgas, Silgas Propane


Massachusetts- Arrow Gas,  Punderson Oil, Pyrofax Propane, Rice Energy, Yates Gas

Maryland- United Propane

Maine -Maingas, Mid State Gas Co.

Michigan- Blue Flame, DeCock Bottled Gas & Appliance, Gaylord Gas, Lagasco Propane, McBride Oil & Propane, Northwest Energy, Pearl Gas, Pennington Gas, \Petoskey Propane, ProGas Propane
Quality Propane


Mississippi- Columbus Butane, Dowdle Gas Company, Graeber Brothers, Johnson Propane Gas,
Pontotoc Butane Gas

North Carolina- Blu-Gas,  Fairmont Rowland Propane,  Garner Gas,  Hancock Gas,  Jenkins Gas
McCracken Propane,  Owens Gas

New Hampshire- Difeo Oil & Propane, Maingas, Pyrofax Energy

New Jersey- MGS Propane, Modern Gas, Precision Propane,  Propane Power Corporation

New Mexico- Four Corners Propane, Thriftway Propane, Valencia Propane

New York- Stagecoach Natural Gas Storage Facility,  Burnwell Propane,  Coleman Propane
Ira Wyman, Knowles LP Gas,  Mid-Hudson Valley Propane , Pulver Gas, Pyrofax Energy,

Ohio- Atlas, Bayless Gas, Blue Flame, Hancock Gas Service, Moulton Gas Service, Mt Vernon Bottle Gas
Ohio Gas, Pearl Gas, Pennington Gas, Rural Natural Gas

Oklahoma - Choctaw Propane, Ethridge Propane, Rural Gas

Pennsylvania- Action Gas, Bells Mills Gas, Direct Propane, Farm & Home Oil Company
H. John Davis, Holidaygas, Knowles LP Gas, Little's Gas Service, Propane Sales
Steinheiser Propane

Rhode Island-Arrow Gas

South Carolina- Blu Gas, Midland Gas, People's Gas

Tennesee- Bradley Propane, Country Gas, Dowdle Gas

Texas- Able Propane, Centex Propane, Deck's Propane, Farmers LP Gas, Gas Tec, Hall Propane
Independent Gas Co., Independent Propane, Penny's Propane, Plum Creek Propane, Polk Co. Propane
ProGas, Propane Gas Service, Shelby LP Gas, Southern Butane, Taylor Propane, Willis Propane

Virginia- Blue Ridge Propane, Highland Propane, Valley Propane

Vermont- Deerfield Valley Energy, F.G. White Energy, Newton's Energy, Pyrofax Energy
Stevens Energy

Washington- Legacy Propane, Permagas

Wisconsin- Lakes Propane, Tru GAs

West Virginia- Highland Propane, United Propane

Below is the latest average rates for propane for residential consumers - Energy Information Agency is the source for the following information:

Weekly Residential Propane Prices
East Coast (PADD 1)
New England (PADD 1A)
New Hampshire3.0693.1613.2553.3343.427
Rhode Island3.6353.6463.6823.6953.74
Central Atlantic (PADD 1B)
New Jersey3.6243.6563.8643.8833.966
New York3.0393.0833.1313.2083.253
Lower Atlantic (PADD 1C)
North Carolina2.8232.8232.9212.9552.995
Midwest (PADD 2)
North Dakota1.7051.7331.7631.7791.788
South Dakota1.7541.7721.7961.8091.835
source Energy Information Agency x1132010

Disclaimer: This is my personal blog where I post my personal opinions related to current events life...and other topics...this blog is not connected to the Messenger of Juneau County - however, facts and research gathered may be used here or in future articles I write for them, or any other publication. Again, names and any personal information will only be used if I have your permission to do so.


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