Justice for Nevaeh

It was almost two years ago our nation watched the news unfold before our eyes. A story that held many of our attention, the one about a beautiful little 5 yr old girl who turned up missing from playing outside of her apartment building. A child with bright large eyes filled with hope and an innocent smile that was contagious.

I can remember the reports that were being constantly updated from the moment the first Amber Alert went on on May 24, 2009. I, like so many, prayed to God, that this child would be found safe and alive.

Almost immediately disturbing reports started surfacing about people known to the mother - sex offenders. They of course became the focus of the investigation, and news reports.

The community of  Monroe, Michigan came together and not only helped in the search for the innocent child, but held vigil after vigil...all while clinging onto their own children tighter than ever before.

Then, after so many days of prayers and hope trying to stay alive, came the report all who followed the story dreaded - a body of a child had been found along the banks of the River Raisin - Two fishermen spotted the shallow grave covered by a slab of crudely placed cement.

Now all that anyone could wish for was that the end of her life came swift and without too much pain - but, tragically we learned that the innocent life - her light - was darkened by her being suffocated, face down, in that shallow grave that held her little body - and after inhaling dirt into her lungs - that was when the light went out -some reports say she still may have been alive as the cement was being poured over her body .

Sadly - tragically - disgustingly revolting is not only the crime - the murder of little Nevaeh, but that still today - despite all the investigations and suspects - her murderer walks free among us - among our children  -aging ...living...and most likely continuing to spread the poison that  runs through their veins infecting...harming others.

The reward for information leading to the abduction of Nevaeh's killers, was just last month increased to $50,000 -

There are people out there who know who did this - or feel in their gut that someone they love did. For those people, if they have any conscience at all, I am sure are not sleeping well at night - the killer (s) - doubtful they give this...her..a second thought - they got the rush they needed, and most likely have moved on to harm more.

In this world right now that is so out of control and justice is a far off dream for many, I still have hope that Justice for Nevaeh will be a reality - that the citizens of Monroe, Michigan will breathe a little easier one day when their child is not directly in their sight and grips. That this two year long crime which so many were victimized, but especially little Neveah and her family will have a piece of closure they need.

If you do know anything about this crime and what sick mind (s) committed it please contact 734-457-6713, and please don't do it for the money do it because it's the right thing to do.

Nevaeh's family has not given up the fight even though she is no longer in the media's spotlight, she is still so very much in their hearts. They have created the Justice for Nevaeh blog in an attempt to keep her story alive..

And while we all still attempt to do that for Justice's sake....may little Nevaeh rest in peace ...


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