The chapters of our lives are filled with adventure, tears, sadness, and hopefully growth - like the strokes in a painting they come together and create fine art. Each one begins afresh as another tale unfolds- sometimes the chapter holds the key to fabulous tomorrows or glimpses into the memories of has hard time standing on it's without the others.  The one thing that remains constant is all the chapters flow into the next, never really ending...that is...until the last and the book of our life comes to completion.

Until that last line -step in life is completed - the story does not stop, and even then, if read well and shared with many, the novel of our life continues on in the chapters of those who read ours. That is the ever giving beauty of life -even as we struggle through a difficult chapter of our own, one we may believe it to be too much to bare, sooner or later the story of the whole will come together and before us life will once again make sense ...the picture created comes into focus.

It is however those chapters where everyday seems impossible to get through - turning a page is like lifting the weight of the world - those are the chapters where it would be so much easier to walk away from and allow someone else tell our story, absorb ours into theirs - use us and then discard us once we no longer serve a purpose for their own. 

Patience is key to getting through those pages we would rather not - and when we do the next to begin will often do so with ease. An ease that brings about a peace ...these are the pages where the joys come to life, where hearts soar and souls are healed. These are the chapters that give me strength to turn those pages of the ones I would rather not... anticipation for better tomorrows is the fuel for life. 

The problem some of us have is the need to write our story chapters ahead before the narrator knows the lines of the one currently being written. That a dangerous path to go down because that is when the twist may not lead into another turn - we may find we get stuck in a place where the next lines do not come - twisted in place because we thought we knew it all . Ask any writer and they will be sure to tell those are the nightmares of a hurdle they dread - also known as writer's block. 

If that happens ...breathe - it's good to have a direction but allow the steps there fall into place as they need to - one chapter to flow into another ...effortlessly... before you even realize it has. Allow you story to be told, not directed  - 

And remember every chapter has it's place whether it's filled with adventure, tears, sadness, and hopefully growth - enjoy the keys that unlock fabulous tomorrows and especially treasure the glimpses into the memories of yesterdays ...every life has a purpose and a tale to tell - often the best is yet to the next chapter.........

Okie dokie...there's my deep thought for this month! ;) 


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