Injustice - Once upon a time........

Once upon a time there was a woman who loved a man. He said he loved her too. He showed it in many ways, especially after he would beat her - hit her -kick her - leave her bloody...tell her she was ugly - no good -stupid...yes, after those acts he was always kinder. 

Once upon a time there was a woman who decided enough was enough - she remembered all those commercials and those public service announcements that told her she deserved more from life, and that she never deserved to be abused.  She followed their advice and sought justice. 

Once upon a time...that woman couldn't understand why when she made all the calls to the police, to the prosecutor, and even sometimes the advocates she often received a "busy" signal. She asked herself if this was what justice was suppose to feel like? All the voices in those commercials, those public service announcements were not there for her - she felt more alone than ever - more bruised and battered than ever before. She had the scars of a beating and being forgotten - he received only a sting of pain from a slap on the wrist...again, much like before when that other woman  sought justice. 

Once upon a time is happening now - it happened yesterday and it will happen tomorrow....until....

A victim finds her own  inner strength to be a survivor and speaks up and out...and that survivor leads the way for the next victim searching for the path of survival....and so on...and so on.... 

And then...maybe....

Once upon a time in the future a network of survivors will dial up justice -demand better treatment by the system that is there to protect all of us - Tell them that a black-eye ....a bloodied face is a crime of violence - not a misdemeanor to be forgotten  - that when those commercials and public service announcements proclaim there's a safety net for victims but no one is around to hold it up when she makes that jump - it's wrong! It's as wrong as that man who beat her in the first place. 

Some may talk about walking in a victim's shoes - but unless their willing to actually walk with them on - and take accountability their action and/or inaction - it's lip service - 

Once upon a time domestic violence and other violence against women will be more than a slogan of dissent - it will be actually treated as the crime against humanity that it is. 

Until then - I will not be silenced - nor should you. 


Justice - We need to keep and eye on it!!!


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