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Much of what I post about here on this blog may help others in some way, but it's not always uplifting - topics of homelessness, domestic violence, sexual assault and child sexual assault are not usually the "go to" topics for a smile or uplifting news.

As it is is  - right now I have a post brewing in my head and as soon as I am able to focus and find the needed words it will be written - but again, it will not be uplifting - rather it will place emphasis on cracks in the systems - the justice system -and how those cracks feed the cycle of abuse.

Lessons - and perhaps seeds that will one day grow and fill some of those cracks  - but until that day happens...it cannot be considered uplifting.

So, having said that - the content on this blog is just one aspect of me - my vents - the others aspects of me are rarely seen here - my subtle...yet slap ya in the face sarcasm - doesn't always show through, nor does the fact when I need a little cheerful reading...encouragement - I find it in sites such as The Pay it Forward Experience- real life examples of people doing good deeds for no other reason than to share goodwill.

So, if you haven't heard of the Pay it Forward Experience, I suggest you check out their new blog site. Get on the email list by emailing Charley charley@pifexperience.org  - If you do, about once a week -and usually when you need it most - you will get a simple little email with just a couple of quotes in it - and I guarantee after a while of receiving them there will be a part of you wondering if the sender is psychic, because they always seem to fit life at the moment you read them. I've been on that list for about 2 years now - and just when I need a smile, those emails seem to come.

Below are some quotes Charley has recently emailed out to those on the list:

Happiness is the single greatest competitive advantage in this economy 
- "Mike Ferry"

You can either fit in or stand out, not both.  You are either 
defending the status quo or challenging it.  Playing defense and 
trying to keep everything "all right" or leading and provoking and 
striving to make everything better - "Seth Godin"
It takes a strong fish to swim against the current. Even a dead one  
can float with it. - "John Crowe"

Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what  
nobody has thought - "Albert Szent Gyorgi"

Imagine if "Someday" was today, what would you be doing? - "Lindon Corbin"

Man's mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original 
- "Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr."

Earlier this week I was down - depressed - stressed - life can do that - So, I stopped by the new blog at the The Pay it Forward Experience- and watched a video they had highlighted - now imagine if there was one of these in every town...downtown...the heart of every city, every village - rural, suburban...and urban - Maybe, just maybe as a country we would be less divided, and more united:


From Tracie said…
Sounds great. I'm going to check it out.

It is always nice to focus on some positivity.

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