It's a surge, I tell ya, a surge

A surge of emotions - that is...

This weekend something spectacular occurred. Something that, for me, felt a bit awkward because I am not use to winning something. This past weekend, Saturday, to be exact not only was I chosen to be one of the lucky winners of a brand new Lennox furnace, but the local company (Miller Heating & Air in Elroy, WI.) who donated their time and expertise in installing it, went the extra mile in giving me so much more than a new furnace.

You see my friends nominated me for a special give-away through Lennox - it was called Heat Up Wisconsin where 100 deserving households would be chosen to receive a new energy efficient furnace. From the very touching letter written about some of the struggles the kids and I have endured over the last few years, and our volunteer work we were selected.

Call me me corny... but it reinforced my belief that "Everything Happens for a Reason"

You see, last week when I found out that I might be one of the winners, it was on a day I was so very down. It was just a week after I had to attend a court hearing on child support where my ex, and my abuser, was attempting to end the state collecting until his release from prison ....a sentence he is serving for the crime committed to the children and I  -

And, it was on the day I was calling around to find a doctor as after speaking with many people and organizations I was told I needed to see someone who could diagnose what was happening to me, and the symptoms in my left breast. My last post to this blog speaks about some of it.

By the time that call came where I was told I might be a winner, to this past Saturday when it was actually installed in my home - a lot more occurred.  I did see another doctor, a doctor who referred me to yet another specialist at the UW Breast Clinic in Madison as some of the symptoms I am having could be something small, or it could be indication of something such as inflammatory breast cancer... a cancer that often goes misdiagnosed as it is not only rare, but the symptoms are not what most physicians link to a breast cancer.  And, when it is diagnosed it is already at a stage III or IV.

So, yes, by the time Saturday rolled around, needless to say I was pretty emotionally beaten up and down on life, and myself. Scared is an understatement - even though I keep telling myself it's that "something small" in the back of my mind rests the "but what if it's the not so small thing? - what will I do?" And, it's not just me...the boys also know that I have to go to these medical appointments....with it just being the three of us, it's hard to hide something like that.

That unknown we're facing...well, it's the kind of unknown occupies one's mind no matter how hard you try to push it out.....

However, on Saturday when Miller Heating & Air showed up at my house...for the first time in a week....I didn't have that thought nagging at me - my children and I were stunned.

Sure we were excited over getting a new furnace....but the rest we didn't have a clue about until Saturday happened.

At 9:00 a.m. they  showed up at my house (including the owner's teen-aged daughters and other volunteers) with not only a furnace, but an Autumn Gift Basket filled with goodies...and other surprises as well. I was questioned  if I minded if they landscaped my front yard.. Now, if you know me intense allergies and so not green thumb, then you know my front yard was in dire need  - but even on top of that they set-up a table with food for the volunteers, and my family....breakfast and lunch. When the day was over...they took all the trash away, and left the boys and I all the leftovers to enjoy later on.

So, while the furnace was being installed in my dungeon of a basement, volunteers were outside digging up my front yard and planting perennials, laying down new mulch, and putting in new pavers and borders.

I was speechless. I am very good at handling situations most people feel are overwhelming - the kind of situations where a mountain feels like it has been placed upon you to climb...but I am so not good at someone telling me to sit back and relax...that for the day, they would handle it all. To me...that's overwhelming.

So while to most who saw it happen... heard it on the radio or will perhaps read it in the paper...they are missing a piece of the story that only I truly know how special that act of kindness was and how it touched my life just in the nick of time -when this strong woman that everyone thinks can handle everything thrown at her...was on the verge of caving in from the strain of life...hope knocked on my door in the form of kindness.

That act of kindness...that Pay it Forward spirit is giving me the strength to face Thursday and a trip to the UW Madison's Breast Clinic face whatever it is I need it small...or not so small - I know whatever happens - I will handle it and all my friends will be there for me when I need them the most.

Thank you to all - Everyone at Miller Heating & Air, Lennox, and those special friends who thought of me when I didn't even know they were....!!


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