If I had my way - pondering poetic

If I had my way
Tomorrow would be a new day
I would follow my heart
Giving homage to life's art
No more profit from sorrow
No robbing Peter to Paul I borrow
If I had my way
Tomorrow would filled with play
No more worries of the past
Rather creating memories I want to last
The joy within me, I know is there
It would come out to take part in life's fair
If I had my way
Tomorrow I would fly away
Off to explore a new land
Feeling between my toes the warm sand
My weariness would be gone
Rested, I could write a beautiful new song
If I had my way
Tomorrow I would dance and sway
Security's beat would be my tune
Free I would be of this needed cocoon
Soaring high my spirit would be
Living the life I have dreamed of for me
If I had my way
People would know I am made of clay
The rock that many say I am
Is a shield that protects an emotional dam
A surge of waves I hold back
Because it's not time, I have to remain on track
The day will come when I have my way -
But, until then, I will dream of what I will say

by Eva Marie - October 29, 2012


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