Cherry picking has pitfalls

For the last almost 4 years I've tried to close my ears to gossip and comments about those who may get help through Circle of Hope and our programs - Lend a Hand and Grateful Hearts.
Believe me when I say it's not an easy task. There's a lot of talk that floats around this small community and that's despite our efforts to squelch it.

I hear comments such as -

"So, I hear you're helping #(#($) - I wouldn't do that...did you know blah, blah, blah?!"

"I'll help anyone but not THAT one!"


I hear these comments and bite my tongue so much that I think one day part of may tongue may get swallowed.

Here's a fact - with poverty comes problems - there will be some drama, there will be bad decision making - there may be addictions - domestic violence and plenty of fuel for the gossip fire.

Poverty is not pretty - not every story out there will be a Hallmark Hall of Fame moment. If you work with people in poverty you can expect that from time to time you're going to be lied to and perhaps even taken advantage of....but I got news for you - PEOPLE ARE FLAWED!

We're all flawed ...the wealthy have flaws...the getting by folks - they have flaws's something all of us have in common and it's called LIFE.

The one thing I really love about our organization is that we DO NOT cherry pick the "pretty situations..." we help anyone we can if they are willing to help themselves - and if we are able, funding wise, to see the course through.  Simple concept, at least I always thought so.

It's a concept that believes in 2nd chances - one that promotes Hope driven by Compassion.
It's a frame of mind that understands hitting bottom means it's time to bounce back up rather than lay in place and spiritually die.  Hand UP not out.

Would it be nice to cherry pick through the calls for help we get....I really don't think so. That would be no different than an employer only hiring the good looking people coming in for interviews.   Where's the Hope in that?

Growing up I spent many of my days sitting in theological classes at various Catholic schools. I've had my fair share of religious teachings -

If you think about it Mary was someone who was talked about - rumored about and shunned. There was no room at the Inn for her and her unborn child until Joseph knocked on a door that led to room in a stable....with the animals.  Once there, it is said, Beauty and Truth was born.

Jesus did not hang out with the leaders of the community - he wasn't whispering in the ears of bankers, politicians nor Rabbis.  He had no time nor patience for the greed and misdeeds that took place in those circles. He hung out with the shunned and forgotten - listening to them and showing compassion - it is there where the Truth he held so dear took hold and grew.

Now it is not a secret that I do not go to church on a regular basis (unless regular means once in a blue moon)...I am not one to be considered devout...I view the Bible as stories told by eyes not understanding the science...natural wonders... we now know were occurring - an anthropological record.

It is not that I do not have faith but rather the faith I have and hold dear to my heart is based here on Earth and in my fellow man and the elements which surround us. The beauty that can be seen every day living and taking in life - sometimes you have to peel away at the sorrows and pain to see it but inside each and all of us is the light our beating hearts create - our common bond.

You may or may not agree with me, and that's okay - I will not judge you for it.

But c'mon - ya gotta admit that when you go cherry picking you're left with nothing but pits and stains. I'd rather spend my time looking for beauty and truth in the places and in the people who cannot afford the cherries.

Thank you for listening to my vent of the week - I am sure there will be more on the way!


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