Just believe

On a day filled with frustrations the sky tonight reminded me how perfectly flawed life can be. I spent most of the day attempting to attain an answer to a simple question in an effort to provide information/resources to people we help at Circle of Hope - what I received in return was a typical bureaucratic nightmare of a response ...long winded words putting together sentences that amounted to nothing more than frustrations and, of course, no real answers. It reminded me of when I was the person reaching out for help only to be treated like a number without a name - that horrible feeling that all that mattered was the system/process created by people without a clue to real human needs in an imperfect situation.

Then came another situation where my patience was tried - another curve ball aimed at someone who is trying to walk (metaphorically) a straight line when they've been stuck on a chaotic merry go round their entire life - a slight stumble caused yet another path, a rocky road,  to be placed before them..I felt their pain - so much chaos - the unexpected and the immovable storm of bureaucracy and misunderstandings of perfection placed on the imperfect...all while lives played out their role in our history created in the present -deep, I know - I do that sometimes, LOL - 

But, as I was coming home tonight from running an errand..still numb from the events of the day ....there was the sky and it called to me - Now my boys think I am a bit loony to have run home to grab my camera but for some reason that evening sky captured in my eye the beauty of life and how storm clouds can surround us, any one of us at any given time - how overwhelming they appear as the envelope us - but, if we believe in ourselves - our purpose- a light will remain at that end of the tunnel calling to us that there is more to the darkness ..you just have to be willing to see the beauty in the center of the storm....your dreams...your goal..your soul...You. Just believe in yourself and rather than seeing the storm you will see the light -

That's my deep thought of the day - now, I need some coffee and a good laugh!


Anonymous said…
Amen - thanks Eva. Your comments sometimes mesh perfectly with what I need to hear and be reminded of. Blessings to you, your family, the work you do and the affects your blog may have on people, whether you know it or not.
Kim T. Manville, NJ
Eva Marie said…
Thank you, Kim - I truly appreciate knowing that my little vents and ponderings mean something

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