Potential - What every victim of DV has

Potential  - is a word that is often thrown about without ever realizing and dissecting what it truly means. For victims living in domestic violence that word and it's meaning is not discussed, and rarely, if ever, is it truly understood.

I dedicate this post to anyone living in such a situation because I am going to lay out just exactly the potential each and every one of you have - it's there, trust me, despite what others and yourself may think

You have strength beyond compare - You're not weak,  lazy, needy nor inadequate. How can I say this without knowing you personally? Because I know if you're living with abuse in your life that you are living in a war zone. I know you wake up hoping that the day will be better than the last one - I know that you juggle so very much in an attempt to keep the bombs from exploding - your shoulders may feel slumped down, but they are strong despite how battle worn your soul may feel ...you keep your family together the best way you know how...at this moment. Don't let anyone tell you any different. YOU ARE STRONG!

You're savvy and smart - Could a stupid ignorant person hide as much as you do? Deflect the judgments away from the people, the abuser, you love? Would an ignorant person know how to keep that kitty, even if small, of cash on the side for the day that you just may call the relationship quits? Highly unlikely!

If you're living with little financial means I know for a fact that you're savvy and smart - I know you plan out every penny your abuser allows you ...that is if he is in control of it. I know that you plan the day..the week,,,and the month all in one thought -one action - one deposit.  If you're in control of the finances, then BRAVO - you're a step ahead of so many others living in an abusive situation. If you're not in control of the finances then you're one hell of an accountant living as well as you do on what little you're allowed!

You're determined - you have drive! You get up every day - you keep your family together and if you have children you make sure you give whatever you can...even if it's the little you have left in you.  Living in that war zone is not easy as some times it can cloud thinking but no matter what you keep moving on as best as you know how.

You're dedicated and loyal- While others may think that quality in you is misdirected I know why you stay. You are doing the best you know how in living that childhood dream we all have of  " and they lived happily forever."

Your heart is big and aching - all that love you give out to others it believes that one day it will be returned. You stay true to that course - despite the tears, despite the pain and despite the bomb exploding around you. That my friend is dedication.

Potential - do you see it now? Do you see your own? You are strong, savvy, smart, determined, dedicated and loyal! All the qualities any employer would want in an employee - any spouse would desire in a partner - any child would want in a parent - You ARE everything that as a child you dreamed of growing up to be  - the only thing keeping the rest of the dream, "lived happily ever after",  from coming a reality is the war zone you are living in.

Ask yourself this - Is staying in a war zone worth giving up the rest of your dreams? The most important part of the dream....? Regardless of where you live you will always remain STRONG - Always be SAVVY and SMART - DEDICATED and LOYAL with DRIVE - Would you agree that a person with such highly sought after qualities deserves to live happily ever after? You're a beautiful package that deserves to grow in a peaceful environment - The potential is there, you just have to be willing to see it in yourself and then the happily ever after WILL fall into place...

There's a way out of the war zone - take your strength, your determination, your drive - those savvy skills and intelligence and make the first step towards living your dream -

Call the National Domestic Abuse Hotline - they understand your potential!
National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1−800−799−SAFE (7233) or TTY 1−800−787−3224

The following video might be disturbing to some.


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