Not as simple as it seems..

Tonight I found myself staring at this stone. It is chalcopyrite, aka peacock ore. Earlier today I spotted it in a gift shop and I was drawn to it. I had to have it. The colors in this piece are simply beautiful. It reminded me of life and how one experience leads to another, painting the memories in our minds and creating the person we are at any given time in our lives.

I purchased a few other stones, including some quartz. I found myself this evening sitting in the quiet of my home staring at my purchases. Each stone was carefully picked out. Before I knew it I was rubbing a quartz across the surface of the chalcopyrite. Not sure why I started doing that, perhaps out boredom I wanted to see what would happen to either one - I guess I should not be surprised that the friction caused both to brighten. Small bits (powder-like) of the chalcopyrite started to fall away from the stone revealing brilliant vivid colors.

By then I was extremely deep in thought. In my hands were two stones created by layers of years melding together. Thousands of years in creating either one while our history of a planet played out above where they were made.  I am not a geologist so just how many years in the making I am not sure of but long enough to create the solid pieces in my hands.

When I first started the process of diving into deep thought, I thought to myself how beautiful a simple stone could be - by the end of my little experiment I realized those stones were anything but simple, much like each one of us.  The friction created by rubbing those stones together reminded me of life's trials and tribulations - with each one we too will stand brighter.

Ok, so I went a little deep tonight in my observations of the stones, perhaps it was something I needed at the moment.   A reminder that nothing is as simple as it might seem- look closer and you will find the beauty in nature's story - a tale we are all connected to.

There's my deep thought to end a rather odd week.


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