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While peace comes from within sometimes being in a certain place will fill you with what you need for reflection. Reflections while wrapped in the positive energy of an invisible loving embrace allows you to heal -

Saint Nicholas Roman Catholic Church
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When I was a little girl holding on to the shame of others for what they did to me, I found my peace sitting in the pews at Saint Nicholas Church in Evanston, IL. The church sat at the top of a hill on the corner of Washington and Ridge. One block up from the apartment building where I lived. The doors were always open.

Being an extremely responsible child I was often home alone while my parents were at work. When I needed peace and comfort I would put on my Sunday church dress, my little lace gloves and make the trek up that hill to the church I loved. There I would sit in the pew and stare in awe at the beauty of the old stained glass windows and the story they told. It was quiet, my surroundings were beautiful, and I felt safe. I was at peace.

The Stained-Glass Windows of St. Nicholas Church, Evanston from St Nicholas Church on Vimeo.

All Saints Cemetery - Wikipedia
After we moved from Evanston (when I was around 10 years old) it would be years before I would ever find a peace like that again. Unfortunately, when I did - the peace I found was bittersweet. It was after my father died and where he was laid to rest, All Saints Cemetery in Des Plaines, IL. I visited his graveside often - a few times a week. There I would speak to him and tell him about our lives, filling him in on all he had missed. It didn't take long before my curiousity took hold and I explored the beautiful cemetary. Not too far from my father's grave was a memorial statue to St. Therese. There I would sit and once again, I found my peace - this time, however, in the middle of a cemetery.

River Trail Nature Center
A couple of years later Kyle, my youngest, was born.  From the time he was a small infant up to moving to Wisconsin, four years later, Kyle would be with me on my treks for peace. His older brother, Justin,  was in school and every morning we'd get prepared to drop him off - it was after we did I would take Kyle to a place called River Trails. A nature center. He was too young to appreciate all the displays there, however, I would put him in his stroller, then he and I went on a trek through the woods, following all the paths we could find. Together we found peace in those woods. He would look around in awe and I would walk every step deep in relection. We would do this no matter the weather and up to snow prevented us from doing so - then we would go inside and sit by the displays. For years that was our routine. When Justin wasn't in school, he too would go. Sometimes we did it twice in one day - after dropping off Justin and then after picking him up from school. We did this for almost four years and up until we moved to rural Wisconsin.

In all those places where I found peace, I was at my best-spiritually.

After moving to Wisconsin and until recently that sense of peace I had at those treasured places, escaped me. Yes, I've attended churches and yes I've looked for that piece of heaven of Mother Nature's spot but nothing quite grabbed me like the ones I once knew...until this summer.

Wonewoc Spiritualist Camp
This summer I've found that sense of peace in an unlikely place. A place locals call "Spook Hill." The real name of the place is the Wonewoc Spiritualist Camp. It has quite a history- real and imagined. So much so that I have not told many people that I've been going there as spiritualism goes against the grain of the belief systems of many in my community. Yes, I was fearful of what people would say and think - me...I know, hard to believe. But, even the strongest of humans get tired of being the talk of the town.

So, I kept my little secret close to me and only told a few friends who I know are open minded. Some have visited the camp along with me. I go there on Sundays and sit in on their service. It is extremely peaceful. Postive energy and I always walk away feeling better than when I went.

The camp is located on a hill, surrounded by nature. The cabins are old and well maintained. The service happens in their dining hall. The people are friendly and welcoming. The message is about loving your neighbor, appreciating nature's law and spreading God's love and honoring those who have passed on. Their main rule is the Golden Rule. The energy in the room is positive - non judgemental. I've seen many Native Americans attend service as well as a few locals and others.

After service I enjoy sitting at a picnic table and just taking in the nature around me. My autoimmune disorders prevent me from taking those long treks through woods like I once used to do back in Illinois. But, at least sitting there in nature after the experience,  I am at peace.

I've had a rather chaotic year, with many ups and downs, I needed this or else I am not sure I would have handled all that have, as I have.

Today I decided that it is really silly of me to hide this aspect of myself from others. I shouldn't worry what people think, their judgements are a reflection of them, not me.  It is okay to be different from the norm - our differences is what makes us unique and special. That is, after all, what I preached to my children all their years of growing up.

 I posted about being there - I knew it would raise a few eyebrows and it did. But that is okay. For the most part the reactions were positive. However, it really doesn't matter what others think of this one puzzle piece in the picture of me.

And, like I said.....While peace comes from within sometimes being in a certain place will fill you with what you need for reflection. Reflections while wrapped in the positive energy of an invisible loving embrace allows you to heal -

Find your peace and remember, life is a journey- not a destination.


Thank you for leading me here. It was a really nice post. I feel the same way in regards to keeping my spiritualism hidden. But I no longer wish to be fearful of criticism for my belief in spiritualism. Thanks for encouraging me to be my own unique self!

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