If I make it through all of this...

I will breathe.

I will sleep..

And then, I will tackle some dreams.

Yes, when I make it through all of this, that is my plan.

But first, I need to get things done and it feels like a mountain to climb. To all of you with good health, appreciate it - do not take it for granted.

While I was never a "healthy" person there was a time I was non-stop movement - Super Woman. That time was not too long ago.  I was able to work, raise the boys, keep up with cleaning and cooking while also answering calls 6 days a week, helping the low-income and the homeless with crisis help. I was unstoppable.

When I look back to those days I am not sure how I did do it all. My boys supported all my efforts and were right there in the thick with me. We had days where I'd get a call and 20 minutes later we were loading up a family being evicted...sometimes in the middle of winter.  I can remember one time driving through the streets of my town during a snow storm with no room in the van to move a muscle and praying that the mattresses secured on top would not fly away.

 I do miss those days and I guess I shouldn't complain that the boys are adventurous with life, able to adapt to new experiences and tackle the unknown. With Lend a Hand and Circle of Hope, that is how they grew up. We never knew what situation would pop up at any given time and each of those situations would remind us, that while we did not have a lot, we had everything we needed to live.

Getting this house ready to be sold, even as a fixer-upper, is draining me. Of course, this week, the weather is not helping - excessive heat and humidity has unleashed the autoimmune disorder beast. Slowly, I am getting there.

Considering most of what I need to tackle are things my children left for me when they went on their adventure to Memphis, I figure I have about 10 years of Mom guilt lectures ready and waiting in the sarcasm vault.  Anyone reading this make sure to follow my youngest, Kyle, on Facebook - support him...share his music....because he owes me a long lingering vacation by the ocean with pina coladas always within reach.

 How one young life of just 19 years old could acquire so much crap is beyond me. I just do not understand where it all came from. We didn't have the money to purchase all these items that are in abundance. It leaves me scratching my head because when he moved down to Memphis, he took a lot with him. However, still in my house, there are two sets of drums, two pianos, various guitars, amps, speakers and God knows what else...those are all thrown into the mix of his past failed inventions. Inventions where he tore apart old computers and other electronics to make something....what, I am not sure, but I have the remnants in this house.

No wonder they say moving/selling a house is one of the most stressful times in someone's life.  Doing it all on my own, well, yeah - I am stressed.

But, I will make it through all of this and probably will vent my frustrations out on this blog as I maneuver through this chapter of my life.

"Nobody loves me but my Mama" - Kyle performing this song rattles in my mind as I clean out the remnants in his room, my garage and elsewhere... ;)


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