Hello 2018

My son phoned me the other day with a question on why we always seem to have the most unusual experiences and when it rains, it hurricanes. I didn't have the best answer at the time, but now, after thinking on it for a while, I realize it is because we live.  We don't stand still - we don't just exist - we live, we live with passion, moving forward while honoring our past and respecting it. At times it can seem like that forward movement is at a snail's pace. Life is filled with those surreal adventures, some of them are hard lessons and then some of them are treasures to be cherished.

2017 was one of those years filled with lessons. Last year taught me that I am strong, perhaps stronger than I have ever realized. I can stand on my own, even if on some rather shaky ground.

*This year the goal is to not only live, but to take better care of myself while I do so. That includes not apologizing for needing rest when I am flaring from Sjogrens or RA. I am hyper-aware that others may not see the symptoms I experience and because of that, I tend not to do what I need to out of fear of what some may say or think. Enough of that! I want to one day spoil my future grandchildren (which there better be a girl!)

*To sell this house - another goal.

*To continue doing the work I know I am supposed to do - let others know they are not alone in surviving those experiences where they feel so isolated from others. Healing is a process, it takes time, it takes patience, more importantly, you cannot control it - you just need to believe you are worth the effort.

*Listen to that intuition of mine. If anything, this year has taught me, I am spot on when it comes to seeing through lies, intentions, and pain in others - despite their smiles.  In all essence, this means to trust myself, every part of me.

*And the best for last, I need to see my boys more than I have this past year. It is not a want, it is a need.  Those boys are the greatest investment in life I have made - not a day goes by that I am not filled with pride for all that they do and the humans they have grown to be. I have been middle class and I have lived in poverty, through it all my children have always been my riches.

Let this year be the year you all shine - enjoy your great adventure!

Take care and be well.


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