Seriously? Damn Luck Gremlins! You Just Can't Make This Up - Pt 3

On Monday I leave for a trip to Memphis. I am going to see my boys and also watch my youngest (Kyle Roberts) take the stage at the International Blue Challenge as the Memphis Blues Society's Youth Performer.

Yay, me! Right?

Yes - I am and have been so excited for this trip but I should have known better. Everything was falling into place a little too smoothly for my twisted luck. 

I have my train tickets -
My dogs are set to be taken care of -
I have some items on eBay actually getting nice bids - which will be my pocket money
I survived that bitter cold that we had since just about Christmas -
I was able to thaw out my pipes when they froze up without any issues...

And, that right there, that last item - the luck gremlins are right now laughing hysterically.  Those little bastards are biting me in the butt as I type.

Throughout the frozen pipe issue, I checked that dungeon of a basement, constantly. I hate going down there, but I did, numerous times - just to be sure there were no broken pipes and up to today, I was gleefull in seeing no issues.

Silly me, today I decided to do some laundry - the pressure for the water was a little low, but I didn't think anything of it. It has been warm, above freezing for two days now. What could possibly happen? 

Yeah, a few hours later I walk into my kitchen and decide to just give the basement another look -
And there it was, my basement was flooded. I could hear water pouring in from somewhere - where from, I hadn't a clue.

Needless to say there was quite a bit of swearing.  The calculator in my head was going crazy. First thought - "Look at all that water! My water bill will be crazy!"  Second thought - "I don't have the money for a plumber, SHIT!"  Third thought - ""Call the effing City and have them shut off the water to the house! @#@R* (OI**()() #@&*  , $&$(@)$,  BULLSHIT!"

And so, that is what I did.

My mental breakdown was nowhere nearly as bad as I thought it would be, I guess I am getting used to this life of mine because my next thought was - "This is NOT stopping me from seeing my boys! OH HELL NO! I am NOT going to let THAT happen! Shit, at least with the water off I will not have to worry about frozen pipes while I am gone!" 

Five minutes later, and after I phoned the City, the public works guy was in front of my house - as I was heading out to meet him, my jeans caught on something and ripped, all the way down the hip. "BULLSHIT!" The one pair of jeans I have that actually fit nicely, a little baggy, but they're my favorite pair - the rest of my pants are dress pants.  "BULL-EFFING-SHIT But of course that just HAD to happen now!"

I smiled from my doorway to the worker and made sure to watch as he shut off my water, all while my left hip was airing out and getting a breeze.

I calmly walked back into the house and phoned Ace Hardware to find out the rental price of one of those "pump thingys"  - "Oh, $36 dollars I can swing! I'll be there soon." 

Mumbling even more expletives under my breath, I threw on my dress pants and headed out the door to Ace Hardware and the grocery store for bottled water. I am now, listening to the hum of the pump thingy - the hose from the basement leading out to my backyard, where of course, my dogs want to be to play in the mud so they can dirty up this house. That's how we roll around here- one hurdle after another.

If this was a few years ago (which actually it was just about two years ago when my basement flooded - knocking out my furnace and water heater) I would be telling my boys not to worry, that we're on some great adventure and.. "heck, it is better than camping!"  But it is not a few years ago, my boys aren't here, and I am getting a little tired of these "this old house" great adventures.

I knew I wanted to be out of this house by winter - just sometimes what we want and what we get do not always match up.

So, I am trying to decide, or I should say, figure out - what is the purpose of THESE hurdles? No matter what, I still believe that Everything Happens for a Reason and that trials in life are to prepare you for something better, another door opening up.

No matter what, this is NOT stopping me from seeing my children!

The plumber can wait until I get back and will more than likely have to wait for a while.

"Heck, I have my own bed and electricity, this IS better than camping! Take THAT you little asshole luck gremlins!" 

Done with my vent  - I feel better, and yes, there will be typos in this but I really don't care. I am in no need nor mood to be perfect. I shall always remain perfectly flawed! ;)
And, once again, the reason I am going to Memphis...
(Please note - he was born in Park Ridge, IL - not Mauston, however, Mauston is the home he has always known)


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