Up, down - and back UP again....

I feel like I've been bouncing on a trampoline all week long...up, down, up, down...

This week started off pretty damn incredible - so incredible in fact now many of my female friends are drilling me about a certain special person because for the first time in the very long time that he has been in my life...they have seen the evidence.

"Who is this guy, Eva?"

"Why haven't I met him!?!"

"When are you going to introduce him?"

"You tell him I want to meet him DAMN IT!!!"

I've always tried to keep my "love life" ...at least while it's happening in the moment..."quiet" - None of my friends or family has met him yet...the kids have, but that's it.

But, I must admit that is getting somewhat harder and harder since the latest gesture from this ...ooooh...how do I say it...hmmmmmmmmmm?????? Prince Charming with a quirky twist (long story...like I said before...buy the book!)

And I also have to admit after this latest little gesture I've been bursting to tell people all about him....

It's not like there's something wrong with him....really...

And it's not like there's underlying reason why it seems like this is a secret.......

It's just very hard to explain why something as special as this is isn't something I want to speak of....not just yet.  I will say this last little gesture has altered my life for the better -

Remember that piece of crap car I've been complaining about??? Well it was turning into a death trap - literally. Not only was it a ticket waiting to happen (Thank you local police for worrying about other things than how loud it was) but it had gotten to the point where the front end was going again, and the almost 17 year old beast wouldn't turn in the direction I would steer it.  - Yup, I dreaded getting behind the wheel -

Well -

I don't have to worry about that anymore as I received a very special gift last weekend - a car! A mini-van to be exact - purple to boot (my favorite color) and while it's not brand new...to me it is. It has released some chains that held me down...like not being able to go anywhere - not being able to leave this county out of fear I wouldn't be able to get back home without a tow...or an ambulance ride.

Yup - there it is...the wind beneath my wings!! Last month I had to cancel an orthodontics appointment for Justin...one that took almost a year to get because of the struggle of finding an orthodontist that would take Badger Care (medical aid)  - the reason I had to cancel was because I wasn't able to get him there ...nearly 80 miles away...because of my old car. Today, I drove there with confidence feeling safe - and watched my teen smile when the orthodontist told him that he could fix his teeth - this means so much to him - he's been so insecure about his teeth...smiling...girls...all the rest...and it was having a medical impact as well (we'll blame his father's side for the dental issues!)

Pretty amazing -

One day...maybe...I'll tell the story about how this person entered my life, and what it has all meant..but until then - it's my treasure in the Hope Chest of my heart!

So that was the up...needless to say I was flying high...so high in fact I forget to keep track of my checkbook - and the next thing I knew a HUGE downer came....BANK FEES!!

One little mistake ended up costing me well over 150 dollars that my already bare checking account didn't have. Anyone who has ever had that happen to them knows the pain I had in my stomach that morning when I checked my account online - PANIC!

After kicking my own butt for a while - and after swearing at myself like a truck driver...I was able to calm down enough to figure out a plan - a plan that included that death trap piece of crap car in my driveway - 1-800-SALVAGE...that and an advance on my p/t check from the paper covered my mistake......


But during that little crisis I was able to appreciate the fact that the roof over my head is not connected to a rent nor a mortgage ....just overdue property taxes...because had it been, I would be like the many families that need to call Lend a Hand  - one little mistake such as that could spiral out of control for people living on paycheck to paycheck..robbing Peter to pay Paul  -

It's interesting to me how the downs in life, while they can seem so overwhelming at the time, have the ability to show you a larger picture on the positives all around you...you just have to be willing to step out of the gloom to see it for all it is....the big picture...

I'm really liking that big picture!!

So that summarizes my week - and why I've been preoccupied and haven't posted...Life was happening and thankfully so!


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