Is God a Republican or Democrat?

I'd venture a guess and say neither, but rather an Independent and one that is inside of each one of us no matter the labels we choose to carry. Much like I believe no matter what higher power each one of us chooses to believe in, God doesn't care about the other labels attached to individuals in modern society whether by choice or by it - Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Agnostic....Heathen or Devout..the just or the lost...or any of the many other labels out there, of which there are more than most people even care to realize.

I believe the same has been true since the beginning of time ancient times...or even perhaps before the universe our planet that carries all of us on our adventure of life was ever created.
I do believe God is saddened on how greed and Man's ego has destroyed the terrain of our landscape by forcing beliefs unto others and taking what could be stolen in the process and chaining in God's name the freewill in those who would not have their souls raped in their determination to hold on to their individuality...the uniqueness that in all essence was the most precious gift bestowed on them from their creator.
I believe God understands that children will learn from their parents how to speak the language they are exposed to, and that depending on whether that language is spoken in a penthouse in Manhattan or a hut in the Amazon it may appear to be foreign to those visiting, but the right thing to those speaking it.
Like for me as the mother of two children who are like night and day...oil and water...I believe God's heart melts just like mine does...when we all sit around the dinner table enjoying each others company without trying to change  one another but rather enjoying the fact knowing we have common ground in the meal and air we share - in those times are when life is as close to perfection as it will ever get....
This post dedicated to one Kewl Prinz ;-)  (how'd that work for ya?)


Prinzkewl said…
Aww I'm touched, I just asked a simple question because to either side the other seems like satan's subjects. I maintain to believe that the devils are the politicians who choose to divide people for political gain. That was very nice, unbiased and well put together, you did that so quickly too. You really should be writing for a major paper where things are more fast paced. You have a great talent my dear, for the life of me I don't understand why are you letting it waste away in such a dead end state?

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