Life with Kyle continues....

And is never a dull moment...and that is not an understatement. In between working, volunteering to help the homeless, looking for more work, helping to campaign for some strong women candidates, a recall effort to rid our local government of a DA out for his own political gain at tax payer's expense and trying to keep my sanity in the process.....there's summertime and Kyle. Justin, my oldest son, is so easy going that rarely is there drama. The only time there's drama with him is if there's no food in the house - which with the bottomless pit of a stomach the kid has it seems to be a never ending Catch 22. That kind of drama is easily handled...



There's Kyle. 

Even through the health issues Kyle has had he is still my "on the go" kid. Imagine if you will a 12 year old boy...covered head to toe in mud and soaking wet from hunting tadpoles sitting on the living room couch with a guitar in his hands...strumming some new song he has taught himself....and on the coffee table is another art project laying next to his latest science experiment. His mouth is barking out orders to his laid back older brother, while at the same time he trying to tell me about something he just learned watching one of the documentaries on the History Channel. 

If you can picture that....then you know my Kyle...

Hyper doesn't define Kyle - he doesn't bounce of the walls ...he is INTENSE. 

He doesn't take on a project to halfway complete it but rather to perfect a new interest...and come hell or high water HE WILL no matter the cost and who is in his way. 

He is the kid that will go the extra mile to befriend all the other kids that get picked on ....for whatever reason...he doesn't care, he will make them feel special and show them they have value. 

He has "perfect timing", as one teacher once wrote on a report card, and in regard to his twisted sense of humor. 

Older women look at him and his sweet baby face with those huge deep blue eyes and long black eyelashes, and they all fall in love with him as they literally ooze nurturing hugs his way. And, of course, Kyle sits innocently quiet as he eats it all up. 

He has an old soul in a young growing body...just ask the vendor at the flea market who had a 2 hour conversation with him on jazz music and all the legends of jazz....Kyle walked away with 12 free jazz CD's...including some with his favorite, Duke Ellington. 

He can name the band of any song on the classic rock station - just ask him, and I am sure he will tell you he is always right. 
                                                   (Kyle's art at the young age of 10)

Don't know the difference between Monet and Van Gogh? Kyle does. 

There is no such thing as danger in Kyle's eyes...there are only challenges that need to be conquered. 

Raised positioned on my hip at protests and advocating for special education and disability rights in politicians' offices in DC and back in our home bases....Kyle learned early on how to speak up and out. Sometimes I appreciate it, and other times I find myself stressing that until the age of 18 he lives in a dictatorship under my roof! 

I find that every six months or so I am writing about my youngest child, and now that I sit and think about why that must be, I realize it's for remind myself on days like today while I sit ...stare...and shake my head at the aquarium which now houses the  painted turtle that appeared in front of my face  and waking me up from a nap  yesterday because all of this..the laughter, tears and Life with Kyle....enjoy it while I can, because one day when my house is empty of children I will long for times like this back...


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