Greedy Image - Penn State Scandal

I'm about to go off on a rant. Surprise surprise -

In the wake of the Penn State Scandal Cover-up  and revelations that Jerry Sandusky has been accused of the not just fondling little boys, but RAPING THEM - The main question floating around status after status on Facebook and Twitter is, "Why?"




Here's your answer - Greed - Image - Power - Control -

And the sick bastard raping those little boys - knew it. His image, the image of the institutions connected to him, along with all the power both had and the money that would be lost gave him control - the leverage he needed to get away with the free reign he had in destroying the lives of those children and leaving the scars they must now deal with as they attempt to find normalcy after twisted insanity stole their innocence.

I hope our society is paying attention to this wake up call.  We are the ones who idolize those with the image, those with the money and those with the power and control - we hand it over to them.

Whether it is on the small scale of some local elected official or leader to the larger scale of someone in the national spotlight, we give them the power and too often than not, we don't demand results until it is too late.

We're satisfied with sound-bytes or some other organized effort telling us how to think. That effort can be something as simple as a group, a church, a political party or a union (get the picture?)

Rather than creating our very own unique images, we follow someone else's fabricated highly marketed false identity.

And we wonder why politicians lie? CEOs cheat? And people like Sandusky get away with his crimes while everyone else goes about their business???

Image - Image - Image - Greedy - False - Image = POWER

Our world around us is showing the signs...the symptoms.. of our failures of being lazy and not involved - it's everywhere we look -

From the price we pay at the pump, to the house being foreclosed on and no jobs paying a living wage to put food on the table. And what do must of us do at the end of the day of trying to survive? We settle in front of the t.v. screen of the computer monitor to watch all those plastic images tell us how to think, what to believe.

While Americans are living in tent cities and children going without basics - professional athletes, movie stars, television actors, political commentators, CEOs, and a handful of others are vacationing and partying off of our dimes.

Headlines give us the scoop into their lives...their chaos...those divorces, the DUIs, the accusations of domestic violence, the cheating...etc..etc

We watch...we read...we laugh ...we point...but that's where it stops.

We don't demand better - we don't read those other stories buried in the small print under the fold - we don't want to know about the immediate world around us, about that little child that was murdered, or that woman raped and beaten by her boyfriend - stories such as that make us uncomfortable -they're too close to home.

Who cares that on any given day in our local courts there are case after case of domestic violence, sexual assaults, and all the rest.  We turn our backs to it -

We'd rather watch that football game or check out the latest DVD to be released - we keep feeding that money into those false images of power and greed - and then now we wonder why there'd be this cover-up?


That's why.

We need to demand better.

I admit these thoughts may be a bit scattered...but it's my rant and it is what it is.


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