Kelli's Story of When She Became Free from Abuse

Earlier today I had the honor of meeting a former victim of child emotional, physical and sexual abuse. Kelli is an amazing person and has survived a childhood being ripped away from her. Rather
than me explaining her story, I think it is best if you view it for yourself. Please know that the man who committed the atrocities against her was only charged with incest and child sexual assault. Remember this as you listen, and then realize when initially charged in 2001 he was allowed out on a $5,000 signature bond which then allowed him to intimidate and continue on abuse. Ultimately he was also charged with bail jumping and intimidating a witness in addition to the sexual assault and incest charges.

Also know that Kelli is now happily living with her girlfriend and raising a son. The children that were the result of the incest are deeply loved by Kelli, unfortunately she lost parental rights due to living in the aftermath of abuse. She fought to keep them, and does receive updates on them. Her abuser's parental rights were stripped away.

Now, meet Kelli -

If you are a survivor using your life experience to better the world around you and you would like your story told as part of my project #WhenIBecameFree - The Heartland Project please contact me at


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