Abuse a teen 2 teen perspective by Alexis #WhenIBecameFree - The Heartland Project

by Alexis D.
Have you ever been in a moment where everything is at a standstill? Everything is happening, but in slow motion? The scene is heated and their body language is aggressive. You’re not sure how to handle it, so you bite back? That’s how it is the first time. 

The aggressive body language becomes aggressive actions instead. The next morning it is as if nothing happened, they apologized, saying they couldn’t control their “anger.” You accept it, being the first time it happened, you think nothing of it.

A week later the cycle begins again. They apologize and you forgive them, claiming “it’s fine” or even “it won’t happen again.” 

Over time people will generally accept the hurt and think it’s normal because they love them. But, it never changes. Well at least not until you make the first step.

Whatever your first step may be, from realizing that things need to change, or standing up for yourself again, you made a change. No, I’m not saying that everything gets better right away, but in time it truly does. You won’t have an immediate difference, but you will in time have a difference. Even when you believe that nothing could be worse, it’s not going to change, everything changes within time. If you try and make a change, change will happen.

For information on teen dating violence and what some of those changes you can make can be visit Love is Respect

Introducing Alexis Dvorak

Alexis D. is a 9th grader in the iLEAD Charter school. She has lived in Mauston, Wisconsin for 9 years, and calls this her home. When she found this project she thought that she could contribute to it a great deal, having grown up hearing stories of abuse from her mother. She is more then excited to be a part of the #WhenIBecameFree - The Heartland Project, because as she said, "in doing this, she gets to hear other stories, like the ones she heard growing up and expand her knowledge and how things like this affect other people."

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