Simply put #WhenIBecameFree

Simply put....

If a child is continuously exposed to domestic violence and you know about it and do nothing - you are part of the problem

If a victim reaches out for help to leave an abusive situation and you don't do everything in your power to get them to the right people and resources - you are part of the problem.

There has been enough coverage and public service announcements so if you ask or say...

Why did she stay?

Why didn't they report it sooner?

It was just the alcohol talking not really him/her , they didn't mean it...

Get over it and move on.....

She's (he) asking for it by going back, they get what they deserve...

She/he only wants attention ......

She/he is not innocent.....

What did you say to make him/her so mad at you?

Did you hear what happened over at ---- the other night? (whispering)???

You are part of the problem. 

It is a problem plaguing our nation, our states, our communities, and our neighbors.

Be part of a solution, work with your fellow community members in bringing awareness. Learn about what domestic violence and sexual assault truly are. Realize it happens EVERYWHERE and to EVERY DEMOGRAPHIC.  Do NOT count on the system to fix everything! It will take every day people coming together and creating resources to meet the needs of their neighbors. The system is disjointed, filled with gaping holes, overwhelmed and the very structure of it creates delays in addressing what needs to be fixed and stitched together.

Start asking the right questions...

What can we do so she doesn't have to stay in an abusive relationship?

How can we make victims feel more empowered to report it sooner?

What can our community do to help victims be survivors who heal from their past so they can move forward?

What do we have in our community to help people rebuild their lives in a safe environment?

How can we make abusers more accountable for their own actions? Alcohol is not an excuse..

How do we support those kids so they can have a chance at a firm foundation for a successful life?

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I also need to thank the corporate sponsors who have climbed aboard and believe in the work I am doing: Wisconsin River Meats,  Benders' Family Restaurant, The Dirty Turtle, and the Fun Company Game Store for being official sponsors of #WhenIBecameFree. Give a like to their their Facebook page (click links above) and let them know how appreciative we all are that they are supporting survivors finding their voices!

Also,  my baby boy who has donated his own hard earned cash and in-kind support as he will be writing and performing the music for the video, Kyle Roberts.  Give a like to his Facebook page.


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