Back to school...

It's worth a shot.

This afternoon I meet with a college counselor, as I am thinking about going back to school -
I am not sure how the hell I am going to juggle all of this...the child support...p/t writing job...looking for another job..crappy falling down around me...etc..etc..etc.
But something has got to work out sooner or later, right?

My father always told me that he would never be disappointed in what I did...what the outcome long as I tried, and tried my best to succeed - Well, Daddy, I'm trying.

I know that considering my situation I would qualify for grants and scholarships that will basically pay for all the tuition and other fees, so I do have that going for me - and besides, I love to learn -

I am thinking about going into nursing - it would satisfy what I love to do- helping people.

But then I start thinking about how I am 41 and will most likely be the oldest student in the class - that's when the internal debates starts....but at least I am trying.

Wish me luck - my meeting with the counselor is in about an hour -

Geez...I have butterflies!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Taking all of this on is a little scary - more changes - another direction -- a different path --will I be able to do it all?

Since the end of my marriage, ...well actually since the abuse started, and I took a stand for myself, there have been so many changes in my life -sometimes overwhelming, but I think they all have been for the better....

Well, I better stop babbling and get ready for that appointment - I just had some nervous energy to get rid of before I went and thought I would release here on my blog.


Angel said…
I just want to wish you luck. It sounds like you are making so many positive changes in your life. You have so much courage and strength!

Take care:)
Wine and Words said…
I hope things went well. Who cares how old you are. You will be head and shoulders above the rest of the class in experiencial knowledge! Good luck sweetie!
Just Be Real said…
Waiting upon your return with the counselor dear one......

Age means nothing...... you are still young believe me!

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