Violenced Unsilenced

A while back I shared one of my posts with Violenced Unsilenced. I'll never forget the day in which I did that - I had just come home from a meeting...a meeting where a small group of women had come together and share the most intimate parts of their past and current lives in hopes to overcome the stranglehold of emotional abuse.

As I sat on my couch digesting all that I heard that evening...reflecting back on the path I had walked, a segment came on our evening news about a woman who was providing an outlet for victims/survivors of abuse and sexual assault.

I watched the clip and felt an instant connection with what she was doing, because giving a voice...respecting the journey of healing...sharing with others...letting go..was exactly the road I was on..and one I am still on.

So I sat down at my computer and shared my experience about that meeting I had just come home from - it told my story, and probably the hardest lesson I had to learn - about respecting and loving myself.

Today that post...those thoughts...appear on the Violence Unsilenced blog..

Stop not only mine, but hear the voices of all the others on there -and when you listen please know there are so many more who still cry silent tears....


TigereyeSal said…
Thanks for sharing- it was a great, uplifting, sad, strong post.
Colleen said…
I went to read your post. Very beautiful. Well done. Thank you for sharing.

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