What a BLAST!!!! - Kickapoo Country Fair!

This past Saturday was EXHAUSTING! Exhausting but fun!!!!!!! The morning didn't start off the greatest....a financial nightmare was looming for me - but I still had to go to work, and that meant covering a parade for the paper. While I was working ...taking pictures, my friend, Lisa, and our kids were in the parade promoting the Local Energy Excellence Fair by handing out Popsicles, and leaflets.

Lisa had invited me as her guest and go to another fair that evening, the Kickapoo Country Fair. Part of me was fighting going....I wanted to go home - the stress of life was getting to me. But...but....I kicked myself in the butt, and went!


My youngest...11yr old Kyle...ended up clinging on to me, and went along. I think he was stunned to witness what he did that night. Sure it was great all the information on sustainable energy...the beautiful location we were at....but once the music started - watch out, my son saw a woman he didn't recognize ...make that two women!

Now we had some organic beer floating in our system, this is true - so that may have added to the dancing by the stage, and the screaming when songs were over - but regardless, I almost forgot I had it in me to do those things!!

Anyway..here are some pictures from our evening...from sunflowers - rainbows, and music...what a night!

Here are some examples of the songs we listened to that night ----oh man it brought me back to the days when I was activist! LOL! Anyway, the singer is Brett Dennen


Gin said…
Sounds like a blast! I'm glad your son was there to see you enjoying it as well!
Wine and Words said…
Wow, those sunflowers are magestic. You go girl....dancing momma! Don't you just love it? There is no wrong way, to shake a bootay.
Just Be Real said…
Well, girl, seems you certainly did have a blast and a rainbow to boot too! Hmmmmm..... organic beer huh?

Blessings dear one!
Eva Marie said…
haha, yes I did shake it - but didn't break it (not yet)

and someone told me it was organic - who the heck knows, it was outside so that's organic to me
rox said…
what summer fun !
Kay said…
There's just something about live music that does that, isn't there? Though I'm sure the beer didn't hurt either!!!

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