The Hate

We are a country filled with hate. Every time I turn on the news more and more stories with the message of hate is being spewed across the airwaves. Distrust for everything that should in fact be uniting us. It's the US vs Them generation now more than ever.

Haves vs Have nots

Religious vs Agnostics

Urban vs Rural

Big business vs Ma and Pa shops

Right vs Left

This is what war has done to us. This is the aftermath. It has left us weakened and worn. Poor and hungry. It doesn't matter if you were for the War or've been affected...all of us, including myself.

We are now terrorizing each other...demonizing our neighbors.

Communication has turned to pointing fingers, while defending ourselves.


Communities shattering while attempting to rebuild

How long will it take us to heal?


Nancy said…
My answer is to shut off the news, not allow negative e-mails from family and friends spewing hate, align myself with like-minded people, and quiety sign petitions and correspond with my elected officials what I would like to see done.

Engaging in this behavior is indeed weakening our society. You are absolutely right.
Charlene said…
Beautiful blog! I agree there's just too much negative energy in the world. Peace people! :-)

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