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A couple of weeks ago a friend, JP Olson, gave to me a copy of her new book, Voices Out of the Box (keys to setting them free from A-Z). The book marks the arrival to a life long dream for JP who has had a long and successful career as a recording artist, voice coach, and educator.

A little background..........

How JP came to live in rural Juneau County - well, that's a WHOLE other story....

But I am thankful she did, and that I was assigned to interview her a couple of years ago for yet another accomplishment of hers, when she was nominated for a Dove Award, and when a compilation album a song of hers appeared on, was nominated for a Grammy.

Well it was during that interview that I realized JP and I had a lot in common...both former city girls plopped down in the middle of farm land USA - We discovered through our conversation that we both had acquaintances (in Germany) in common.

My cousin, Andrea, in Germany had dated a blues artist that was trying to make it big over there (and did), Detriot Gary Wiggins and was in a duet called The International Blues Duo. I spent 6 weeks there when I turned 21, and that was during the time they were together. I spent many a day with Gary wandering about Germany while Andrea worked - and then on some weekends spent time back stage talking and getting to know some of the greats in Blues while Gary played in festivals and shows. One of the coolest experiences of my life.

It is a SMALL WORLD! JP knew some of these very people!

So that's where our connection started....


I cannot sing worth crap!

I cannot carry a tune!

As I have told JP before, animals die when I sing.


When JP gave me a signed copy of the book, I was happy to have it but thought there would be nothing in it that would relate to me ---gravel voice.

I told her I would read it, and let her know what I thought...(internally I was worried it wouldn't relate to me)

Because of a schedule packed with festivals to volunteer in or cover for the paper, it took me a couple of weeks to find the time to actually read it.

And I am glad I did.

This is not a book just for singers, it is a book for anyone that requires the use of their voice to make an impact..... speakers, ministers, singers, radio personalities, and I would also say anyone who has ever been nervous to speak in front of a crowd -

By using the tips, the exercises, and techniques JP outlines - one will not only improve the quality of their voice, but also build confidence in what they are able to do with their voice.

The book starts off by detailing just how your voice works...what body parts are needed to make or break it.

JP tells you what you should never do if you want to keep your voice healthy...

Such as spicy foods are a natural dehydrator and can affect your vocal chords...

Every day you should take a vocal break...

Relax those neck and throat muscles when you're singing and/or speaking...

And so much more.......

But what was really cool was the recipes on teas and other beverages that will help keep your voice in prime condition...

Well, I probably should limit what all I write about the book and what is in it...she didn't write it so I would tell everyone for free what to do....

But I can honestly say, if you're someone that uses your voice to make an impact in life, or to earn a paycheck...you may want to run out and get a copy of Voices Out of the Box.

Also keep an ear out...you may be hearing more about JP and the book very soon, as she is going on a book signing tour and is shceduled to appeared on The View.

She's one busy lady!!!

Did I mention she also just recently opened a Bed and Breakfast here in Juneau County - Hustler to be exact - so if you're ever in the area, you may also want to check that out - on Sundays there are Jazz Brunches..and throughout the year many other surprises!

The Fountain Chateau

And who said rural life is boring..................?

JP Olson

JP Olson

Ok, I had to throw Gary in here - he's the tall Flashy one blowing on the sax - Oh...OH....the stories I could tell about that time in Germany!!!!

Oh, and Gary if you do happen to pass by my blog - be thankful my scanner is not working - I have some VERY INTERESTING pics from Germany 1988! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!


rox said…
wow Eva Marie your blog is always full of fun stuff !
I just sent dd your link and dh is a jazz musician so I'm gonna show him this post too ;-)
Thanks a bunch !
lov rox

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