My Path

My Path
The pain inside my wounds is still so very deep
At times my eyes, they still cry ..silent tears they weep
The road of life keeps me going.. keeps me alive
Learning to deal...I am living.. trying to thrive

Forward motion is not always easy nor always fun
Although each step is guided by a warmer brighter sun
Sometimes I still long for the days in my distant past
But even so I know it's better that they didn't continue to last

Tomorrow's hopes for new days..more goals and better dreams
They call to me on nights when I am alone and lost it seems
Reminding me of the path before me ..turns my life may take
It's up to me if I walk it eyes closed or brightly wide awake

We all have trials and tribulations that we must all face
In those moments self love is needed and not a disgrace
To love oneself is to appreciate God's love, his humble grace
On my path that's been the hardest lesson I've learned to embrace

By Eva Marie - 03/06/10


Colleen said…
Beautiful, thank you.

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