Go ahead and sweat! - (according to the World Guy)

I hate terms like "sweating my ass off" ...because they are nothing but lies, pure and simple...LIES!

I say that because it irks me like no tomorrow that the gallons of sweat dripping off my body in this latest heat wave to hit Wisconsin is not shrinking my ever lovin' ample butt ...it is however making me irritable like no tomorrow (can you tell?)

As I write this in the early evening the temperature outside is :

92 F 
Feels Like: 114

You know the cavemen were pretty damn smart and to think we've "evolved" since then is a joke.  Their shelter, a cave...provided a constant and comfortable climate all year round. They didn't have to pay heaps of money they didn't have to an electrical company to stay cool...nor to a fuel company to stay warm -

 I think I now truly understand why the last 5 years or so I've been saying how one day I am going to find a cave to live in...it wasn't a statement out of dealing with stress - it must have been past ancestors sending me a message on survival...and an intelligent one to boot.

And no I am not delusional from dehydration.......

The boys and I have managed to keep one room in our house cool with a small window unit which right this moment is struggling  against the humidity outside.  We are, the three of us, starting to get on each other's nerves a bit...more than usual, that is.

But really I shouldn't bitch and moan too much. Especially after meeting on Friday evening, a pretty remarkable and committed man and his companion dog, Nice. The man is Erik Brendl, also known as the World Guy.

Currently he is on a mission, a mission he has taken on in the past, and will continue to in the future. He is walking....yes, walking....across a portion of the country to bring awareness to diabetes.  Not only is he walking but he is pushing "the World" with him on his trek.

I could sit here and try to tell you his story and the reasons for it, but really he does a much better job at it in the following video I took Friday evening.

If you are like me - struggling to "deal" in the latest heat wave here in the Midwest - by the end of the video I bet you will feel a little less irritable and perhaps even inspired to do a little more sweating and through exercising ....I might suggest swimming is perfect in weather like this...no one sees you sweat!


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