Laced Beauty - it's a girl thing!

Lately if you've been around me you probably wouldn't guess that I am truly one of those girly type women when it comes to make-up, perfume, bubble baths...and all those little things that can make being a woman a little extra special.

 I've been so damn busy, stressed and quite frankly haven't had the extra cash to take advantage of the things I use to take for granted.

That's probably the reason that earlier this week I jumped on an opportunity when I saw one on my Facebook home page. A friend shared a link to a page and asked people to like it - Laced Beauty - the name caught my attention so I decided to check it out -and that's when I saw a post kicking off a new brand of mineral make-up and a limited offer to attain some free samples....Needless to say - I jumped on that puppy!

Soon I began to learn that it is a small female owned start up company here in Wisconsin - learning that intrigued me some more.     I emailed the owner, Melissa Hamilton, told her my color preferences, skin tone and eye color....two days later I had some mail that included five samples of mineral eye shadow.  The colors were perfect but the real test came when I played around with them - it reminded me why I use to take that time and enjoy the "girly" things that I once did....I always did it for myself - paying attention to me.........

I was very pleased with the quality of the product so I emailed Melissa and asked her to tell me a little about herself and why she decided to take on such a venture....this was her reply...

"Well, ever since I was little I've always had an interest in makeup. More recently I spent a great deal of money buying a collection of mineral makeup only to have it stolen out of my car last month. I've always loved the benefits of mineral makeup, and I really wanted to have control over the products and colors I use. I decided I wanted to make quality mineral makeup at affordable prices. So last month I decided to purchase the products to make it myself.  ......After experimenting with different minerals, I am ready to release my first set of colors. 

Now I have to tell you that I am writing this post mainly because I find it inspiring when women take hold of ideas and run with them - it's empowering for others to know these stories...especially in this economy.  I say that also after the last year and a half of working with many single moms on the verge of being or are homeless....and a majority of which are also victims/survivors of domestic violence and/or sexual assault.

Often  I will sit up an night and try to think of ways to help myself and other women in my situation. Wondering how to take charge and control of life in a way where that single mom ...her home...her children's health and nourishment is not determined by someone else making money off of her work...especially here in rural America where living wages is pretty much a pipe dream.

Now Melissa may not have been in such a situation...I don't know...but it doesn't matter because her efforts are an example to all of us who need inspiration.

I know a lot of my readers are survivors and single moms like myself and who are in fact struggling to make ends meat - so take heed - pay attention and let your imagination fly ...then grab on to it...what do you have to lose?

Let me know what you've done or what you dream about doing...I want to hear from women who are taking back control of not only their heart but also their destiny - we need to inspire one another - and just so you know...Melissa also said this in her reply to my question.....

I am interested in hosting mineral makeup parties similar to Mary Kay, in different areas to get my product out there.
So...maybe  ...who knows....Laced Beauty may be that start of a very beautiful thing for many.....ya never know.

Look for Laced Beauty on Facebook for updates and can also contact Melissa at

Also....check back to my blog this weekend...I am up to something once again...and plan to announce it probably Sunday morning............


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