Is it me or is the missing Currier couple's case really odd?

William Currier 
Bill and Lorraine Currier of Essex Junction, Vermont have now been missing for over a month. Within that month there has been little movement - at least that we the public can see.  There's been a battle between the press and law enforcement over the search warrants - the press wanted to see the information in the warrants - and the law refused saying it hamper the investigation. Currently the courts ruled to temporarily seal those records....which supposedly speak to computer records and emails.

And that's it - that's the only movement that we, the public, know of in this case.

Now I could understand that in the first week or two the need for the silence - but this long? Something is really odd about this one.

Lorraine Currier 
Just prior to the couple coming up missing Lorraine supposedly informed a friend that some male was stalking her - no name given and really not much else discussed other than she was fearful.

It's been reported that a handgun the couple recently purchased was missing from the home, but their medication...medication that especially William required on a daily basis....

One report said that the phone lines were cut....

Just a couple of weeks ago the police were quoted as saying:

 The likelihood that a missing Essex couple will be found safe two weeks after vanishing from their Essex home diminishes with each passing day, police say.
“We are very concerned for the well-being of Bill and Lorraine Currier,” Acting Essex Police Chief Brad LaRose said Thursday, 14 days after the couple was reported missing. “As time goes on, the concern that one or both of them may no longer be alive increases.”

Well...yeah...I think we all know that - so what can the public do to help?  If Lorraine was stalked by someone over the Internet then there's the likelihood others will recognize something in those emails - whether it's a screen of writing...something - Internet stalkers tend to target people off of common bond sites...message boards...forums...etc.. I know this is just speculation, but others would recognize something if that is the case.

Or perhaps it's something completely different - another reason entirely that has caused their disappearance.....

No matter what...

There's something really odd about this entire case - my heart goes out to the family - I'm sure every day is just another day of frustration and fear mounting.

Below is the police sketch of a man who is believed to been driving the Currier's car during the time they would have been missing and just prior to the car being found abandoned.


Nancy said…
I pray for that poor couple. There have been several people who have disappeared on a certain stretch of I-80 out in the middle of no where here in Nevada. Police suspect a serial killer - possibly a truck driver.
Eva Marie said…
I know...more is finally coming out about that I80 story - I've been following it now since you told me last time - just last week they are sharing about more disappearances and linking them up - I was planning on blogging about it this week sometime
Paula G. said…
Wow, that drawing of the suspect is so chillingly accurate, now that we know who the killer really was.

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