$1.97 for 1.25 - YIKES!

"When in the Hell did THAT happen?"


"I need glasses!"

Those were pretty much my comments as I took that little self eye exam while recently at a Walmart. You know the one....over by those granny looking cheap reading glasses.

Spawning me to that little self torture, was the fact that I have been noticing more and more that I am handing things to my 11 yr old and saying...Read that! Tell me what is says!

That and those headaches that seem to be more and more often after a day in front of the computer is what led me to confirming the fact I am getting OLD!. (well at least parts of me are)


Now being the frugal person I am, I - (of course) did not purchase that 14.99 pair of reading spectacles - I knew I could find a better buy - plus I was unwilling to accept the fact that now I knew I had to make that eye appointment I have now put off having for at least a decade or so.

So I spent the next week with all of that on my mind as I procrastinated on making that appointment...

Then Saturday I made my way through a little store we have here in town called Better Buys - AND that's when I saw them....those granny glasses for $1.97 a pair -

Can't get much cheaper than that...Was my thought...

Needless to say I stood there trying on all those fugly glasses, all while my children stood there and commented about how old I must be...and how I, one day, would make a "sweet old grandma" . (They're so lucky their sarcasm came from me!)

I ended up finding a pair I could see through, and somewhat deal with if there is ever a need to pull them out in public.

Later that evening I pulled them out and actually used them..and that's when I realized just how long now I have been squinting to see......it was like WOW!!! Imagine that? All that time?? WOW!!!

Now that I can stomach the fact it's better to see, than to age uncomfortably as I squint my eyes - this morning I did make that eye appointment.... after all if I am going to age, I might as well look good doing it...besides Badger Care covers it......Now that REALLY is A DEAL!!!


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