The last couple of weeks have been stressful for all of us - Kyle most of all, since he has been the one being poked and prodded. I can proudly say....Like Mother, Like Son - Kyle is showing that he can handle it all, and still bounce back stronger.

Yesterday was Valentine's Day, and my gift from Kyle was a dinner he prepared. He told me he wanted to give me the day off...that I deserved it. First, however, I had to take him to the grocery store and purchase the ingredients. He would go with and pick it all out .....needless to say my pocketbook was a little concerned about this dinner.....but off we went.

He did as he told me he would...he picked everything out, and then he prepared it all. Like me, he kicked everyone out of the kitchen and then started creating.

Dinner was excellent. I was pleasantly surprised on just how good it was....

That was about the time when Kyle then informed me that he would be writing a blog about recipes and cooking...

The next thing I knew he was on the computer setting up the blog.

Rather than tell you the rest, why don't you take a look for yourself....

Introducing Kyle's new blog - Flock of Food


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