And now on to the second annual L.E.E.F.

Wow!! What a day yesterday! We were all very nervous - it was like planning a birthday party and waiting to see if anyone would show up - WHEW!

We may not have had the traffic jam I was hoping for downtown Mauston, but what we did accomplish was a HUGE first step..over hurdles....past skeptics...all to a brighter future!

In a matter of 6 months from the first organizing committee meeting we put on an event like no other in our small rural county - I am very proud of what we did and all the work that went into it!

The one little pimple we had to deal with was when the Moose Club nixed the beer tent the evening before the event...well, around 3:00 p.m. on Friday - there was nothing we could do to change fix it.

There was some swearing going on my end of the computer screen when I got that email....and I did think that we should set the kids up with a lemonade stand and call it "Moose Piss" (sorry, sarcasm flies when I am angered) -

But all in all, that wasn't the worse thing that could have happened...besides, all the good outweighed that by 100 fold.

Carl Agnelly from WKOW Channel 27 from Madison made his way out to our little fair - I kinda bothered him with emails, and reminders last week so a HUGE thank you to CARL!!! See Carl, I told you we had some "good news" coming out of Juneau County for once.......LOL!

Anyway...I will let the pics and videos from yesterday do the talking - but I do want to send out a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to my fellow committee members!!!

Tom Crofton - John McGinley - Lisa Vieth - Rhonda Siebecker - Dave and Rosemarie Singer

WE DID IT!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!

And Lisa...the next time we celebrate by dancing to live music and partying at a biker bar after working a fair for over 12 hours - I am going to need orthopedic shoes!!! My legs (and needless to say my head) are KILLING ME! But I have to admit that it was 24 hours of pure enjoyment even though I am now wondering why I don't have any Geritol in this house!

Anyway...take a lookie...................

John being interviewed by WKOW Channel 27

A glimpse into the youth workshop put on by Green Plan-it in Baraboo

Tom Crofton gave a workshop on Energy Independence


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