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My good friend, Steve, has been on me about posting something he has written on my blog here. you go sweetie! I'm going to do it!

Now just some FYI's for people about who Steve is to me, and what he means to me. Steve lives about 2000 miles away in Oregon. Three years ago when I was in the middle of a nightmare, Steve talked me through many of a night - sometimes until the birds were chirping and the sun was coming up.

He helped to keep me focused when things were bleak...when my ex was stalking me, and causing so many problems for the kids and I.

Always a good friend, Steve and I do tend to get into debates...we talk about everything under the sun from politics, the antique pocket watches he repairs to the state of dating and relationships in today's society <------that one right there we've butted heads on many of a time!

Steve has always been respectful and a good friend when I needed on that's who Steve is....

Now Steve keeps telling me he is one day going to write a book on relationships...people..women ...and all the rest. If you ask him, he will tell you he knows all about it (again, many debates have happened over this topic).... is the latest, Steve has written - now he told me to post it here and I'll be famous (WHATEVER!) - So any comments on the following...address them to STEVE!

This is directed to the ladies out there ....btw, ladies ...Steve is single, a "nice guy" and extremely easy on the eyes!

''If you write my stories for me...I'll stay out of the relationship business''

Hi there! How is everyone's summer going so far? Survive the summer heatwave?

Catchy title I know, because if most women out there knew what I know about bad relationships or other preludes to disasters, I wouldn't feel the need to project IE: you stay home and I'll write, not only is it important for me to find that ''compatibility'' it is as much the right woman to understand that what I say here projects where I stand as a soul mate. Don't know... I am as optimistic as you probably...don't want to jump into anyone's lap. Yanno? nsa's, fakers and poser are so lame and a dime a dozen...who do you trust anymore? How do you tell? Little about me: Far cry from the daily menu venue of guys who still think beer, partying and girls are the best thing on earth. Or, someone who believes that women only belong in the kitchen. But then, I don't want someone who thinks walking her poodle Fifi, scantily clad V suit from the 80's, short shorts and 70's pantyhose is the idea of a first date either. To you, that would be like me showing up unshaven and without a shower for a month!

I must be correctly limited and careful when I write these posts cus I don't want to sound to you like I'm on some vicious, vengeful, scolding tirade, or some confused, lost, post-sensitive male who doesn't get it. I get it all too well. I am a writer, a poet, a scholar, I am funny, sarcastic. (not to be confused of course with other men & women I see who calling themselves ''funny, beautiful and talented'' and other laughable sugar coatings in their ads.) This is why arrogant people turn me off...especially when it's only about their looks and the beholder concept and they are the only one's. Cus it's really their perception they are beautiful and pretty whereas to others they are ugly. They very well might be funny, talented and beautiful I'm sure... but the way we see it, just be yourself and let your real beauty, integrity and intuition shine through on it's own. Anything else is a smackdown, just as bad as some guy sending you a picture of his bicep...or..something else. Or on the second Email, throwing a pass at you and telling how spicy he can make it in the bedroom. woo hoo huh? Just thought I would throw in that disclaimer.

Let me guess, you might have experienced in past dating, odd behavior and funny reasons it's not working out? Translation: YOU got used, HE wants out, and uses every excuse from the out-of-print book that it's all your fault just so he can ensnare the next woman for the notch in his belt. When the guacamole hits the fan in a bad re, what are some of the things you remembered that caused it? Maybe the daily malevolent gestures and insults, explosive moments of anger had all forgotten you and deluged from all the riff raff. There was NO sincerity to begin with, sadly. It all got lost somewhere in the beginning whirlwinds when you were so excited, feeling wanted/needed and that rush for love...just lonely period! Love be here now! ''I am strong at this moment in my life and I can work out the problems I see now, later.'' Wrong you go.

But I get the gist of how and where it lead to__ ''no matter how nice us guys treat you, you hate it anyway when we do and don't appreciate us so we might as well treat you like shit''./Their concept. Not that we mean to treat you that way, it's just that treating you such way is only coming from the subconscious level. Composed by many other factors like ''communication is something I don't understand but beer I do.'' Remember, that is only the ''their shit concept'' but the women can play games too and cheat and, one man or woman is never enough for some. And the message: Nice girls should never get used or mistreated. Ok, this is a little broadbrushed, but there is a point to this. Because it was that level of perfection you were seeking at the beginning but, no one is perfect...who wants a dull, boring soul mate who has a personality between Mr. Ed And Ben Stein? You want fire! passion! raw energy! spontaneity! He has it BUT, he has the loser persona anger, fear and insecurity, the real meaning of pro-queue. You were attracted to all that BUUUT, you only mistook it for something else at the time. In the meantime, being transfixed by false trust and lied to how he will change his ways just for you.... how considerate. Only they feel trapped. Then taking the all out advantage and moving headlong into something else when you're most vulnerable putting you into more jeopardy.

I'll take ''bad relationships'' for $1000, Alex
''the number one cause of the breakup we hear about''

She took the loser in because she was desperate?
Because the geniuses tell your best friend secrets and expect them not to tell you because they were embarrassed. Or, towards the end, all your friends will tell you after it's too late. Just because it "feels right" means its ok while completely forgetting about your feelings too.....''let me write you a bad check and I'll hope it doesn't bounce.'' or, ''I'll plant a nice bug in your ear and hope that holds you from being pissed at me til this weekend''. There is this sense of entitlement that all the women should be Barbie and be as sexy from what he sees in porno wonder. A tough act to follow alright...proprietary like...hindering as if he wanted to or thought he owns you. Almost reminds me of some fraternity mentality...half dozen morons with the keggers on weekends..yanno?... ''I gotta cute girl now hehehehehe'' when the guys who wanted a real life stayed in school and actually became responsible. On the other hand , you certainly don't want some bum at Lane who sits in the cafeteria all day long bullshitting about ecology and green cigarettes. You see where this is going now? Then again, some people don't feel complete without the other half where price and participation really does vary, literally! Maybe it's not so jaded as it seems. You might look into this as some brainiac who feels compelled to write some silly, off the wall testimonial to tell YOU who I think is crazy out there. Naw, it's only logic implied on a short notepad, like here. Besides, I don't know too many women who beg the label of the Backstreet Drama King showing up on your front door along with you getting stuck with months of heartache and ambiguity....left in limbo kicking your ego, kicking his beer cans across the front lawn, and the fire department showing up to put out the flames! Wow, wouldn't that be a Kodak moment?

Feel free to Email me if you wanna chat, my ceiling is never too low. I don't know what you got out of reading this, If anything it should be a breath of fresh air and at least keep you rodent free, for a while anyway.

The Writer's Block Department.
Kid tested, knowledge approved!
Still on the hunt for Bigfoot......after all these years

Oh btw, love shouldn't be that painful, they can remove those pains now without the costly surgeries. Or one good man can do the same.


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