Sweet 16

Ok, Justin is going to have a fit when he sees that I am calling his birthday on Sunday a "Sweet 16" - But that's the price he has to pay for me not having any girls!

My first baby is turning 16!!!!!!!!

It's so hard for me to believe...time has flown by.

I know parents always say that, but it is so damn true...

I am so proud of Justin. He's faced so many obstacles in his life and he is an incredible young man. I don't have worries about him hanging with the wrong crowd...smoking...drinking...etc. He's always been my "boy in the bubble" by his choosing - he never wanted to do anything that would cause him harm - sometimes I've had to push him to take a risk or two, but he has always made good...positive ....choices.

Now if only I could get him off his butt a little more....LOL!

He's always been laid back....even as a baby he rarely cried - always a smile on his little face.

That has somewhat changed....but nothing we can't handle.

Yes, Justin has made being a parent an easy ride......

And I am sure, just like when he turned 1 year old, I will be bawling come Sunday morning...

You want them to grow and try their wings, but damn it is hard to cut those apron strings..........

Happy Birthday Boo! (And, yes, DAMN IT...I will call you my Boo Butt until I am so old I cannot remember my own name....DEAL! )


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