In passing........Teddy Kennedy

I am being taken back to memories of being a little girl in the 1970's, a daughter so enamored with her father, and wanting to know everything he thought, while showing interest in all he did. My trip down memory lane is in the wake of the passing of Edward Kennedy.

Perhaps it is because I remember sitting with my father on Sunday mornings and watching Meet the Press and Face the Nation - me, that little girl asking question after question in an attempt to understand what these men who seemed so far away from us were discussing - and there - my father, taking his time in between the gentle "shh's" and pauses to explain to me the world around us and the politics that either creates positive steps forward, or negative binds to being chained to the past.

It was during those Sunday morning chats with my father that I learned about the Kennedy family - all their accomplishments, and all the tragedy that plagued a family of fellow Catholics. These conversations with my father came during a period when I was also that good little Catholic school very devout, so very dedicated in learning my faith.

I can remember my father talking about how we are all "flawed" and how sins can be lessons and should be used to create good in the future for others. I remember Daddy telling me that the reason I then wore my Crucifix long on a chain close to my heart was to honor the personal relationship I had with the Lord. And, that I should live my life and all that I do with a charitable heart, not by words in an attempt to convince others of my faith but rather by actions, as that was the only way to truly honor that personal relationship I had.

And then I also remember my Father looking at me and telling me, "Eva, remember if you ever lose faith, that as long as you keep in mind and act upon your good heart by doing good for a stranger, you will always in the end...find your way home."

I am not sure if those were the exact words Dad used but it is the message I remember learning from him during one of those Sunday conversations, and one where he was explaining to me about Teddy Kennedy and Chappaquiddick - it was also then I learned how the Kennedy family, according to my Father, was a family that lived by that message - always looking out for those who had no voice in a world of egos and power.

Through all the tragedies I, myself, have suffered- that lesson from my Father...those conversations...always resonated in my consciousness. Over the years I have distanced myself from organized religion and have lost patience with men who run it, but still, that basic step to understanding a greater power has remained.

I find myself wondering this morning, a Sunday morning and after watching Meet the Press where the life of Teddy Kennedy was the focus, if as a child...young Teddy had similar conversations with his father. I also wonder what my father would be saying if on this Sunday morning he was still alive and together we were watching Meet the Press - what words of wisdom he would have for me, and how that lesson would change my future.

But rather than was my boys and I...together...watching Meet the Press...and talking about the world, the Kennedys', life, loss, love...... faith...our fellow man and the future.....

"For all those whose cares have been our concern, the work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives, and the dream shall never die."

Edward Kennedy - 1980 - Democratic Convention


Nancy said…
Your father sounds wise and loving. What a dear memory and tradition to pass along.
Eva Marie said…
He was all of the above and I miss him dearly - thank you

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