2 Clues....3 stories...all in 1 day

This morning I wrote about yesterday's and Monday's Christmas Clues - after that I headed out to the Lend a Hand office to hand out the last of the donated toys to parents with children in need...and also to make sure loose ends with those we were helping were tied up before Christmas.

Yesterday Kris had worked with a woman in which we were able to find a Christmas sponsor for her teen children - that sponsor dropped off the gift cards at my house last night, and today I got the chance to see just how deeply it touched that mom.

The mom ...a single mom...was a victim to a layoff. Struggling already that layoff hit her and her children hard....and did so on the holidays. Holidays are hard enough for many people...especially those who find themselves feeling isolated, and forgotten...top that off with a layoff....well, needless to say that Mom had a lot on her mind, and worry in her heart.

As soon as I got to the office, I phoned her and told her it was time to pick up those gifts. She was at the office within 15 minutes from that call. She walked up to our door....she looked tired and worn. She looked like how I have felt last year when I had gotten that December layoff from a full-time job, and all I had was a p/t job and partial unemployment.

I held up the gift cards for her children...a very kind and generous donation from a stranger....

Her eyes softened....tears rolled.....but....


a smile came across her face as she expressed her thanks.

Her words shook...at times they were hard to comprehend through her excitement and nervousness...but her body language said it all. Not only were her children about to receive some hope in the form of a present from a stranger....but she - the mom - could rest easy come Christmas Eve night.

Now how can someone not become emotionally attached when witnessing something like that?

Just then the phone rang...........

On the other end was a young man who had phoned us the day before - I can't give out details as this is a small community....but this young man....18...was on his own....and needed shelter 2 days before Christmas.

After a juggling act, and after speaking to a few people....shelter was found...a care package was on it's way....and we knew this young man would be safe and sound on Christmas day.

Then came another call....another follow up call from a referral we received yesterday. It was from a couple who had been living in a camper on their own property...and the reason was because their trailer home had burned down just this summer....and there was no insurance money to replace it.

The camper was on loan from a friend....there is no heat in it....only a small stove to cook on. They have a wood stove outside which helps to heat the place, but it's not enough to keep it warm...plus every two hours they need to stroke the fire to keep it going.

They didn't call asking for shelter...all they wanted was help in paying the co-pay for the medications.....he had been in the ER just this past weekend....they also needed items that food stamps don't buy...things like toilet paper...batteries for their flashlight and radio.... and some anti acid for her nervous stomach.... in return they even offered some of their food if there were people we were helping who needed it. Needless to say, we thanked them for the offer...but kindly declined it...however we did help them where we were able to.....

A single out of work mom...

A young man on his own.....

And a couple living in a make shift home.....

Three completely different stories.....but in the end, three experiences that once again reminded me of how much I do have when I am able to sit at the dinner table with my children...listen to them argue and laugh...as they fill their bellies in our own home.

And once again I came home.. a little tired, but at the same time grateful for the experience....

and in my mail today..........

2 of those Christmas Clues...

I didn't see them in the mailbox, as the boys had already taken in the mail....

The news came from Kyle as he ran to the door when I got home and announced how they had already opened one that was addressed to them.....

"Read it mom! What does that mean Mom? What does your say...OPEN IT!"

Just then he shoved the one they had already opened under my nose....

It said:

So it's the week!
Is there more to know?
Santa still has far to go..
Surprises and smiles just for you
AND when you think it's over,
You can invite a friend or two
HMM Another Christmas Clue

And then after reading it, and after Kyle's constant urging...I opened the other clue...it said:

And soon the night is going to be here
And more appears
You'll never guess
And YAH! That's right
It isn't over Christmas night!
For Christmas bring hope and more to look forward to
To you and yours...Merry Christmas...Christmas Clues

"No Kyle...I don't know what it all means...and yes it's driving me a little nutty too....but I think we may need to get the house clean!"


And so the story continues............................................


Janet Allan said…
There is nothing quite like the feeling you get when you help a truly needy person and you know your help was definitely needed and appreciated. But I pray that there comes a day when we don't have to experience that. Yes I have had that feeling, along with the sinking feeling that it won't be enough. But could someone please tell me why food stamps won't cover toilet paper !!!!!!?
Eva, you are definitely making a difference - there are just not enough of you at the moment - perhaps one day there will be too many - when governments wake up.

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